Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Will you come to outer space? [Music Video]

I’ve done it again. This times I layered up to nine copies of myself. I have also squeaked out a high D, drawn a space ship that looks like a crossover of shark and saucer, and bought a new lipstick. But really the biggest improvement comes from me finally replacing my crappy camcorder with a mid-tier camera, which is why you can now enjoy all my wrinkles and pimples in unprecedented clarity.


  1. "This times I layered up to nine copies of myself."

    So you've finally accepted the multiverse. :-)

  2. "and bought a new lipstick" This is why NASA fails.

    Exult functionality. Crescendo, diminution, chord progression torus, dissonance.... The best part is what cannot be imagined. Insubordination is good, "Sgt. Pepper" Do it the other way.
    ... Bagpipes? Do it the other way.
    ... Physics? Business plans for white swans. Do it the other way.

  3. I found the video entertaining and enjoyed it, well done.

  4. [stands] Brava! Brava! [clap, clap, clap]

    As for outer space, mos def we're going, but may I make two heartfelt pleas to my fellow temporarily stuck here Earthlings:

    1. Can we please forget about colonizing Mars and leave it to the scientists interested in studying a dead, dusty, bone-dry, boring world and concentrate on someplace interesting (Europa, Enceladus, Titan)? Colonize the Moon, for sure, but Mars is silly.

    2. Pluto is totally a planet.

  5. If this is how you pray, I am into your religion!
    First time I actually listened to your signing and I have to state that you should consider showbiz if academia will turn its back on you. Even though I am barbarian, this got me.
    BTW I do not believe that you do not have a professional team for making it.

  6. I thought that was really well done!

    I once heard a discussion about what makes a good song, and someone pointed out that you have to leave a lot of things unsaid - to engage the listener's imagination.

    Will you start a trend - can you persuade Peter Woit to do a similar video?

  7. I dunno - I think you would make an interesting dr.Who.

    As to how people cope, how they keep hope, there are many age-old strategies for that.
    Life is all about desire and hope, every human being provides a case study in this matter. But many do not seem to worry much about these things. They just do what they feel they have to do. I will always remember how someone, long ago, told me : " Denis, life is to be lived, not to be understood". In many ways, she was quite right. But we can't let go easily of the urge to understand.

  8. This should have been the intro for Star Control 2.

  9. Nice tune, especially the chorus. Did you write it?

  10. Bravo, unexpected, quite good, and really appreciated. keep up the good work!

  11. Just got back from a long drive and couldn't wait to check out the latest music-videos, and lo and behold Sabine has a new one on my favorite topics, aliens from outer space. Very nice rhythm, and, like the other ones, quite a unique style that may inaugurate a new genre of music-videos.

  12. Thanks everyone for the feedback :)


    Yes, I wrote the whole thing. I keep thinking it sounds like something I've heard before, but then I couldn't figure out what. In any case, if you notice I've accidentally stolen a chord progression, please let me know!

  13. Nicely done!

    It reminded me of the very first SF movie I saw (which caused my interest in SF) :

    which had a similar theme, except it carried a warning, which I think your video carried, but not sure.

  14. This is impressive, really impressive! :-0

    Not at all the way, one would think, theoretical physicists spend their leisure time.

    (I always imagined, they solve tensor equations, construct Calabi-Yau manifolds or build tiny little hobby accelerators...)

  15. "Not at all the way, one would think, theoretical physicists spend their leisure time."

    Read up on Richard Feynman, one of the greatest theoretical physicists of all time: playing the bongos, hanging out in strip joints, learning Chinese, getting involved in bar brawls in Buffalo, concealing the fact that he is a professor so he can pick up girls at a student dance, cracking safes, drawing nude women, playing a chieftain in South Pacific, and on and on and on. Einstein spent his leisure time sailing, playing the violin, entertaining and being entertained by groupies, travelling.

    It's not a bad life. :-)

  16. Fantaystic!
    What software do you use?

  17. The saucer shaped craft in the video brought to mind the flying saucer craze that started in the late 40's, and continues today, with newer 'models' being delta or chevron shaped. I guess even the aliens have to keep up with styling, like in our auto and clothing industries! Of course who can say whether all these reports are just misidentified natural phenomena, commercial/military aircraft, or hoaxes. In any case, that is what I thought until my twin brother brought home two books from our local library on the subject. After reading them I was flabbergasted and really began to believe our blue marble was under surveillance, by beings from other solar systems, as depicted in Sabine's cute little video.

    No doubt a 14 year old has less critical thinking capacity than a well educated adult. But the effect was dramatic. It galvanized my interest in fundamental physics from that point on. Somehow, I thought, the scientists and engineers on these distant worlds had developed a technology to neutralize the force of gravity, and thus acceleration in general.

    Now, 58 years on, the quest to understand quantum gravity is a major occupation of the scientific community. Just perhaps, scientists on distant worlds, long ago, followed similar approaches to this problem as we are currently. Finally, they may have winnowed those exploratory paths down to the right one, and some of us lucky earthlings have had the privilege to see the fruits of their labors prancing around our skies.

  18. Fun video. Strange how you take the position of an alien to question us earthlings.

  19. "if you notice I've accidentally stolen a chord progression, please let me know!"

    Chord progressions get used over and over, I don't think it is possible to "steal" one. It is more what you do with the progression, how you combine it with the melody and rhythm. And you do that very well.

    In any case, there is that thing Stravinsky is supposed to have said: "Good composers borrow. Great ones steal."

  20. You just need a professional choreographer and a professional visagist (to deal with the "problems" I didn't even notice), and you could consider a quite different career :)

  21. You tune is quiet catchy. And gets my blood jumping. Danke!

  22. GREAT straight face performance! Lotte Lenya could not have done it better.

  23. Totally awesome song Sabine, and creative video. There is no one like you on the planet,
    with your level of creativity and insight into science. The arts community loves you as well.

  24. If friendly aliens (they don't eat humans) landed their craft near you and offered you a ride in it, would you accept or decline? You can specify destination and duration and take a friend round trip. There is no 'correct' answer.
    I would ask them if they had a maintenance manual and could I please have a copy.

    C Butts


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