Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I can't forget [music video]

Update about my songwriting efforts:

I had some help with the audio mix, but the friendly savior of my high frequency mush prefers to go unnamed. Thanks to him though, you can now put the thing on your stereo and it will sound reasonably normal. I like to think that I have made some progress with the vocal recording and processing. I am not happy with the percussion in that piece, have to work on that. If you go through my last few videos you can basically hear which tutorial I read at which point. So far I believe I am making progress, but you be my judge!

As to the video, I spent some money on an inexpensive video camera, and it has made my video recording dramatically easier because it has an auto zoom. As a result, the new video is more dynamic than the previous ones, it looks considerably better to me. It would have been even better hadn't I been wearing a blue shirt on the blue-screen day, some neurons failed me there.

I still haven't found a good way to deal with the problem that the video tends to go out of synch with the audio after exporting it. In fact I noticed that the severity of the problem depends on the player with which you watch the result which I find particularly odd. And after uploading the thing to youtube the audio again shifts oh-so-slightly. In the end, no matter what I do, it never quite fits.

And since I was asked a few times, yes I do have a soundcloud account, under the name "Funny Mommy". You can find all the tracks there. It's just that I am not in the mood to play the social network game on yet another platform, so I have a total of three followers or so, all of which are probably spam-bots. That's why I use YouTube. I am totally open to suggestions for other artist names :) And yeah, I am also on Ello, as @hossi, not that it seems to be good for anything.


  1. Well, it's better than Lubos' Bohemian Rhapsody cover

  2. How does one calculate the h-index of astrocytes on a hirschey bar?

    "Fly. Don't look, just fly. We got... something. I ain't saying what it is. Just... trust me," Superman (1978)

  3. /* it's better than Lubos' Bohemian Rhapsody cover */

    Yep, it's definitely more professional performance from now, the threshold has been reached. But as much as freaky the Lubos behaves, I'm getting to understand, why Bee doesn't want to stay alone with foreign person in room.

  4. Note that L. Motl is strenuously trying to look free, happy & cool at his videos, whereas Sabine does doggedly the opposite. To behave normally during artistic performance is apparently more difficult for these people, than one may think...

  5. Very good!

    I think it must be your first video with a direct reference to human relations:-)

  6. Lubos did what? I seem to have missed that.

    Giotis: But the one about Bob and Alice was all about human relations, causally disconnected or not ;)



  7. Wait! WAIT!!! I'll see your universe and raise you a lab bench,
    Everything else in life is waiting.
    1:00 saccharin, 1:55 Flash!

  8. Well, as the saying goes, "don't quit your day job.":), even though I confess the music was rather hypnotic and the background was fascinating.

  9. Just a personal note - "dont quit your day job..." and other sayings of conventional wisdom.

    My early plan (at it seems a rather universal experience for some of us) was to start a candle business in a world of electric opportunity to study space better. This in turn would finance music projects... this then would raise the money to do basic physics and biochemical research.

    The plan was somewhat successful but never enough and inventions did more in production than what could be sold by simpler methods. When Nasa employees were let go and started candle companies the completion was too much.

    But looking back, my "holofractor" based on my conception of quasars in retrospect 1972 where layered colors were economical and all came out beautiful in wide controlled variations seems the equivalent of todays 3D printer although it filled half the barn. We sold to big companies as it appeared hand done and labor intensive.

    Looking back the initial raw basic investment proved the most satisfying return from the plan. A design, and once in the market it appears within two years or is copied sooner, a paper two years later is published, but hey, I have the ability to predict hit songs. Perhaps, physics.

    Zephir, I dont know what the heck you are talking about. I do wish I had understand bread and candy chemistry better -trying to fix that embarrassing lack of learning for a simple quality of life.

  10. Random Thinker: I have and still do consider quitting my day-and-night job, but I assure you it's not because I believe I'm a great singer ;) There's no money to make with this. Consider it a form of self-expression. Best,


  11. "I have and still do consider quitting my day-and-night job"

    This is a joke, right?

  12. Wow, I love it. As a neuroscientist, especially. Where'd you get the videos? I liked all of them, but the one with the LGN>visual cortex>hippocampus animation was particularly cool, and I could use it in my teaching.

  13. Alice,

    Sooner or later we have to
    bring the results of our measurements...uh together.

    Our music correlations can not be described classically.

    What space embedded 'probability' amplitudes are to the universal wave evolving are the 'addends' to the fundamental of the note/voice heard.

    Literally or figuratively.

    Neurologically 'forgetting' does not exist. (Your memory is indelible barring physical damage.)

    Of course Feynman formalism makes the paths to retrieval, recall, and access to memory messy.

    Sometimes just the opposite occurs - the path to recall becomes indelible as well - with or without a disconnect.

    Bubblebath Bob

    Indelible humor. Funny link.

  14. Unknown: The background is all from videos on youtube under a creative commons licence. I listed them below my video. You have to open it on the youtube site and click on "show more".

  15. Bee - no expert on the a/v stuff but I've dabbled a bit and I would suggest you try to avoid compressed formats until as late in the process as possible. And if I'm not mistaken you should demux prior to doing video effects and then remux the final to make sure the a/v interleave doesn't get messed up.

    And with things youtube and the like, try to make sure your videos are conforming before upload to minimize resizing or bit rate changes.

  16. Hi Snowboarder,

    What means 'demux'?? I have a mild compressor on the kick, besides this I pipe the final export through a compressor. I haven't done anything with the vocals in this case, which just drives home my point that they're pretty much flawless to begin with. What is it that irks you about the mix? Best,


  17. Bee - When I have worked with NLE's (non linear editors) in the past, the video track was always kept apart from the audio track. If the original source came with video and audio already combined an operation was first done to "demux" (split) the audio and video apart.

    Again, I'm hardly an expert here. There are lots of considerations - timecodes, keyframes, and on and on. Just like "color" is an incredibly complex subject, a/v is a very deep rabit hole too.

    As to the compression, mpeg is a lossy format and I think is prone to losing information required for proper synchonization upon a recompress.

    I think you work in the Apple universe, these might be starting points:

  18. Hi Snowboarder,

    Well, since I don't need the original audio that comes with the recording, I just mute it. I will try next time if it makes a difference if I remove it entirely, thanks for the advice. I'm a windows person except for the phone, but I'll ask Google for advice. I have meanwhile actually figured out how to export the video in other formats and higher resolution - problem is that the file then is so large that I can't upload it. (In this case it was almost 4GB.) Best,


  19. Sorry Sabine, over a week late responding, but, seriously, you haven't heard Lubos' version of Bohemian Rhapsody?

    I thought it was among the physics blogs "classics"

    (NB might want to make sure the children aren't present before hitting play)

  20. (there's no swearing or anything it just sounds bloody terrible)

  21. Geez, no, never saw this :D I didn't realize he has such a thick accent. In any case, it's not so terrible actually. I mean, leaving aside that he's using a really cheap microphone he has a pleasant voice.

    I'm glad though I sing an octave higher because it makes it dramatically easier to filter out the hum from the computer fan. Best,



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