Monday, July 12, 2010

ESQG 2010 - Finally here!

After almost a year of preparation, today is first day of our workshop on Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity that I've been organizing together with Lee Smolin and Greg Landsberg. I'm looking forward to an exciting week. As you can guess, I'll be quite busy during the workshop and I'm going on vacation the following week, so you might not hear much from me for a while. We'll have all talks and discussions recorded, so they should appear on the website once we've sorted out the upload. I hope it doesn't rain on our BBQ on Thursday!


  1. Hi Bee,

    Good luck with the workshop and the weather. I’d be curious if there are any menu specialties in respect to a Swedish BBQ, like do they have a unique rendition of their meat balls? :-)



  2. menu specialties in respect to a Swedish BBQ

    As far as I know, thes use to serve
    the surstrom left over from the year before as a hor d`oevre :=)

  3. "It's an Earth food. They are called Swedish meatballs. It's a strange thing, but every sentient race has its own version of these Swedish meatballs. I suspect it's one of those great universal mysteries which will either never get explained or which will drive you mad if you ever learned the truth."

    Na'kal and G'Kar in Babylon 5: "Walkabout"

    (k├Âttbullar, locally)

    Quantum gravitation lacks empirical application (as does SUSY). This is not threatened unemployment (e.g., economics and the White House). Still, somebody should be allowed to discover what is really going on.

    Otto Stern measuring the proton's magnetic moment (good to within 40% - brutal experiment) gave PAM Dirac a nuclear wedgie. The Dirac equation could not fail for point particles. Protons are composite. Surprise!

    Physics boasts an illusion of knowledge. Best efforts will not substitute for knowledge.

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  5. -Astronomical Telescopes (Hubble, Planck, WISE, Webb etc.)
    - Accelerator Colliders and other costly often government funded projects usually involving high energy and or strong magnetic fields
    - Tabletop Experimentation - Interferometry, Microscopy, Entanglement XPs, low temperature Physics

    Who will win? Who will provide the first clues for Quantum Gravity, or be the first to Disprove it exists?

  6. Swedish speciality on our BBQ will be Greek grill-cheese. Is what happens if the local organizer is vegetarian ;-) Best,


  7. Look forward to any summary you might have here on this blog and related articles of interest.

    All the best on the proceedings.

  8. Three cheers for vegetarian local organizers!

    (a vegetarian)

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  10. Wow, you folks make me feel all kinds of guilty I ate a BK Stacker tonight and totally enjoyed it.

    Hopefully I made it up to you later when I had Bruschetta, king of vegetarian foods, for an evening snack.

  11. Hi Bee,

    ”Swedish speciality on our BBQ will be Greek grill-cheese. Is what happens if the local organizer is vegetarian “

    Sounds good yet I hope you also offer something for those omnivores who still find some utility for having canine teeth other than for opening stubborn packaging; that is only when a knife or scissors are not available of course. Besides as cheese is an animal product that has it not tp be actually true vegan fare. To make things easier you could make shish kabob where you hold the good stuff for the grazing crowd. However I would remind everyone not to eat the wooden skewer as none of us have a capacity to gain nutritional value from cellulose:-)



    -- James Ph. Kotsybar

    Our universe has things in it because
    chance quantum fluctuations enable.
    Nothing is what violates Nature’s laws --
    something is apparently more stable.
    Super-symmetry was asking for it.
    It was just too perfect to be withstood,
    and once it took the predictable hit
    it lit up the entire neighborhood,
    and in that Big Bang, the forces all split.
    Gravity, of course, was most serious
    and left, having little to do with it,
    and, to this day, remains mysterious.
    Though we still work to unify them all,
    Entropy says it’s too late for that call.


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