Thursday, June 25, 2009

Author Identifier on the Arxiv

Recently, we discussed author identifiers. The arXiv now offers such an identifier that will be uniquely assigned to you and generate a webpage with your publications. Looks like this. Particularly useful if you have a very common name. Get your own id here; takes about 10 seconds.


Uncle Al said...

So many certified scholars exist that their names do not disambiguate them. Grant funding assumes intellect is a scarce and valuable resource that demands rationing of financial support. Social activism assumes poverty is an abundant and valueless resource that demands unlimited financial support.

Rather than foster brilliance we allocate for its suppression. Rather than discourage poverty we demand it. This is insane.

Neil' said...

"Get your own id here" - heh, according to Freud I already have an id, just need an ID (but which is still not a true acronym!) Well, don't I need a sponsor for arXiv in the first place, to get such an ID? I would like to post papers to arXiv but can't yet find a good sponsor. tx.

BTW, RIP Farrah and Michael. You both did some good work, and Michael's best years were - the best.

Rhys said...

It's a good idea, but seems to miss quite a few of one's papers (judging by my result and Sabine's).

"I would like to post papers to arXiv but can't yet find a good sponsor."

Then I daresay none of us want you to be uploading papers to the arXiv.

And finally, why are idiots like Uncle Al tolerated here?

Anonymous said...

I suppose because Uncle Al is not offensive and is actually rather original.

But the blog owners know best.


Bee said...

Hi Rhys,

Yes, I also noticed that. The missing papers are the ones I didn't submit myself and for which I didn't 'claim ownership'. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to do this know since it requires a password and I strongly doubt me or any of my coauthors will be able to locate these passwords anywhere. Best,


Bee said...

There's a way to claim ownership without a password, see here

I think I'll try this...

Neil' said...

Rhys, I think you're a snob. I didn't mean anyway, that I'd shown proposed submissions to potential sponsors and been snubbed on account of the content. I just have a hard time finding someone who has the connection to arXiv and the time to review my stuff at all. I haven't really tried hard enough, either.

Bee said...

That was fast! Check my list again, it is complete now.

Rhys said...

"Rhys, I think you're a snob..."

Possibly. I just know that there's a lot of crap on the arXiv which shouldn't be there in the first place. This includes just about every paper I've ever seen from someone without a university affiliation.

But without knowing anything about your particular situation, or seeing your work, I shouldn't comment on you specifically. I apologise.

stefan said...

Ah, it works, I've got a list of my own also now... Yes, these are those preprints I have submitted myself, other stuff is missing. But this may be quite helpful already to disentangle my stuff from that of the "other" Stefan Scherer, which is possible only by the affiliation at the moment (and which cannot be searched for, neither at the arxiv or at spires, if I am not missing something).

Cheers, Stefan

Neil' said...

Rhys - a belated thank you. So few people apologize for much anymore, especially on the Internet! If I ever do get a paper to arXiv, I will try to have written one that deserves being there.

Simeon Warner said...

One of the goals of the arXiv id system is to encourage authors to claim ownership of the papers they have authored. If the automated "claim ownership" process doesn't work, then feel free to contact arXiv admins for manual assistance (

[arXiv admin]