Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Do you recognize the place?

It's the lawn in front of the CERN Cafeteria!

This lovely scene is the backdrop of a picture puzzle, and just one small part of CERNland, a cute interactive site for young kids to explore a bit about CERN, the place, the people working there, the experiments, and the physics background.

Thanks for the link, Sabine, it's really great (... OK, the sound is a bit tedious, to my ears at least, but that's what the volume control is good for).



Phil Warnell said...

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the painting of the CERN cafeteria as it lends a more human face to science which is all too often forgotten by many. I also liked Cernland and yet it wasn’t the music I found frustrating but having enough hand eye coordination to jump on the monsters. I found I had more success with the skill testing questions then the skill required to survive to be asked them. I was imagining that 10 year old girl or boy totally destroying me in such a contest:-)



organiker@lycos.com said...

DISCRIMINATION against the other-abled! Does the LHC have wheelchair ramps? Are there incompetents fully populating every managerial rank? DISCRIMINATION!

Where's Waldo?

Anonymous said...

This confirms my suspicion: CERN is slowly turning into a theme park, it is about entertainment for all and everybody will be part of it! Now that Tom Hanks has visited we can hope for even more italian school classes flooding the cafeteria and the otherewise too silent floors. And we scientists lead the way to extra dimensions and black holes, split supersymmetry and brand new extensions of the standard model every week - it's just sooo fun!

Bryan said...

It just doesn't look right without a huge blue dipole in view while you eat. C'est pas sorcier...

Phil Warnell said...

Hi Stefan.

One thing I’d like to add is that in roaming around the CERN site I discovered it won’t be up and running again until this coming September, which I find a bit disappointing. That's to say besides all the scientists involved many of the public are anxious to find out if the Higgs appears or quantum sized black holes really are possible. Actually, it’s the unexpected I look more forward to then anything else, like what was encountered with the RHIC when they were investigating the nature of quarks and their bonds. That is I’m hoping soon that once again experiment can be pushing and directing theory more for a change.