Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you know... (VII)

... the origin of the word “travel”?

It goes back to the Old French word travail “suffering or painful effort, trouble” (12c.), from travailler “to toil, labor,” originally “to trouble, torture,” from Vulgar Latin tripaliare “to torture,” from tripalium (in Literary Latin trepalium) “instrument of torture.”

Source: The Online Etymology Dictionary


Next time you fly from the East- to the Westcoast, suffering from cheap airline coffee and dull movies, try to imagine you'd have taken the trip 200 years ago...

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  1. Incidentally, the word for travel in Hindi is pronounced "suffer". ^_^

  2. Hello Bee,
    so that means that the English and
    French needed to be tortured to get
    them to work? :=)
    BTW. look for the background of German "Reise", Reisige, Reisläufer.

  3. That is what ipods are for; ipod and sleep, no coffee.

    mike casidy


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