Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photos from Brazil

Some photos from our trip to Brazil, just so you know how we've spend our time (taking photos of each other obviously). Click to enlarge.



Near Ubatuba:

Some more photos on Flickr.


Christine said...

Hi Bee,

Very nice pictures of familiar [to me, at least] sites...

The large coast of Brazil offers countless beautiful beaches to visit.


Bee said...

Hi Christine,

Indeed, it is truly beautiful. You are very lucky to live there, it seems to me like a place with a lot of untapped potential, a place of hope and promise. Regarding the beaches, I sincerely hope Brazil does in time think about a land development plan that doesn't leave its natural beauty covered with unsightly construction sins as 0ften spring up in boom times. California's coast might once have been beautiful but today a large part of it is seamed by either private houses or small buisinesses (and the rest seems to be in fog most of the time). With some consideration, one would have thought these could in part have been kept away from the coast. The coast of South Africa East of Cape town (the Garden Route) for example has largely preserved it's natural appeal (at least as I last saw it which has been some years ago). Best,


Christine said...

Hi Sabine,

Yes, indeed, it is a serious concern. Some large cities and capitals grew at the coast. The beautiful "Serra do Mar" mountain range -- the one that you have crossed from Caraguatatuba to SJC, once spread along a large part of the coast, but today only small preservation areas exist. Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city, with an exuberant landscape, but notice how Copacabana beach is crowded with buildings, like a huge concrete wall. Compare what you have seen (the beach is still beautiful in some different sense) with old portraits, like the one here. One can only imagine how beautiful the city would have been and how many species would have been preserved in a more planned and controlled growth.

As you mention, and as a Brazilian myself, I am certain that my country has a lot of potential: from natural resources, to religion/race tolerance and open mindedness, and human diversity and richness. We are called the "Sleeping giant", the "eternal country of the future". I hope we wake up in time. See, e.g., here.


Christine said...

Just adding a comment to correct a possible misinterpreation on my last comment. The coast of Brazil, which actually is the biggest tropical coast of the planet, is still reasonably well preserved, despite of a complete break down of original vegetation at some individual sites (specially in large cities at the coast). But essentially the coast is still generously beautiful, some still retaining the original landscape, with hundreds of islands dotting the immense blue sea. I hope that, in the worst possible scenario, the huge area involved helps making it difficult to be completely destroyed...


Clovis e Adri said...

So nice to see these pictures of Home...
thanks, nice post!

Shubhendu said...

Greetings Lady Bee,

Now that you two talk about it. I want to go too! :-S