Monday, December 17, 2007

PS on "ain't it thrilling"

As a PS to yesterday's post, a photo regarding the signs buried under snow:

Taken 1 hour ago in the PI parking lot.


  1. At least there is a little bit of sun :-)

    Cheers, Stefan

  2. Yeah, and the wheather network says it's getting some degrees warmer again, meaning we have chances some of the snow will melt off before the next comes. Maybe you can leave the boots at home after all ;-)

  3. Nice tire tracks! It looks like someone actually tried to drive over that hill, just for fun.

    Oh well, winter's officially here in a few days... the sun will set a little later each day, and the rabbits will lose their white coats once again.

    Bleh winter.

  4. I *never* have snow here.

    I would like to have some and for a short time. But not like that! :)

  5. Hi Shalayka:

    True! I didn't even notice. I guess though this might be from the snow removal vehicle - usually pickups with a snow plow or so, they are really well organized here in this regard, works very fast and efficiently.

    Just checked Wikipedia on Snow removal and winter service vehicle, seems like most of the photos are from Canada...



  6. Bee, perhaps this thought will warm you up. There is a wee spot of Ontario, due approximately south of PI a couple of hundred kilometers, called Pelee Island, in Lake Erie. It is the most southerly part of Canada, so southerly in fact, that it is south of the northern border of California. And if that doesn't warm you up, at the very least, it might win you a bar bet.

  7. The snow over here near Seattle melted the other day due to warm rain and the resulting flooding put 10 feet of water on the big I-5freeway that goes south to California (and Oregon I suppose). The freeway was closed for most of a week.

    So be careful what you wish for. For me, it's enough that it should be cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

  8. I should have figured it might be a snow removal machine!

    Here's a lovely picture regarding wind chill:

    Only once have I ever seen temperatures from the very bottom-right. It becomes hard to breathe because one's nose hairs bind together. LOL.

  9. Hi Carl:

    I don't mind the weather in Canada. Just me living here. Best,



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