Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Four Elements

As a weekend distraction, here is something nice to look at:
  • Fire
    Russell Maier's Fire Painting is a stunning collection of photos. Maier is a Canadian multi-media artist, who spends a couple of days carefully painting a canvas. He then covers it with gasoline soaked paper, lights a match to ignite it, and takes a photo of the flames. His art and digital photography is available for free download.

  • Water
    Martin Waugh's Liquid Sculptures are a collection of great photos of drops in mid air. From the artist's statement: "Liquid Sculpture images are fluids in motion, frozen in time by a flash of light. They are droplets witnessed in mid-splash."

  • Air
    Dan Wayland's skydiving photography from the skies of Texas and Virginia.

  • Earth
    Jan von Holleben's photo series 'Dreams of Flying' is a beautiful collection of photos about flying while staying down on Earth.

Besides this: I will be travelling the next week, so you are facing a slow time on the blog.


  1. Remember the Fifth Element! Bush the Lesser declared 1.5 million Armenians undead at Turkish hands. The Fifth Element.. bears an indelicate name.

  2. Yeah true,

    Physics, chemistry and maths can exhibit true beauty in the eye of the beholder! Mostly the images resembles abstract art. I wonder, how humans became atracted to seamingly meaningless,- but beautyfull none the less- visions.

    Recently an 11.000 yr old wallpainting was discovered in Syria. The style was likened to Paul Klee.

    By the way, may I show you a painting out of a series my Mum made this year..?



  3. Thanks Bee! Especially enjoyed Martin Waugh's liquid sculptures. His web site has this link to a Div X video about his techniques. I liked his characterization of the liquids in his splashes as "willfully nonlinear." That would also be a good characterization for the plasmas in fusion machines.

  4. Hi Kris,

    Thanks for pointing out the video, I missed it.

    Hi Klaus,

    Sure, I'd love to see it :-)



  5. Dear Bee,

    the photos on "Fire" and "Water" are technically and aestehtically brilliant, and can tell some very interesting science - however, somehow I like much more the clever idea with the flying kids. The kids are so cheerful, and you can see how much fun they've had with the photosession.

    Best, Stefan

  6. Reg fire: if I was the 'artist' I wouldn't burn some hundred $ per painting each, but just burn some trash, take a photo and sell the made-up story.

  7. Earth, Water and Fire are the titles of three somewhat controversial movies made by Deepa Mehta.

    Various cultures had a fifth element (eg quintessence :) ). For Hindus it was "akash" translatable as sky, space, aether.

  8. This piece has a bit of John Hagelin vibe.


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