Saturday, July 14, 2007

Potentially Insane

If you have a look at the sidebar, you'll see that even the internet is presently bored! Here is what PI residents do when they go bonkers.

PI stands for... Probably Improbable, Politically Incorrect, Potentially Insane, Preon Infected, Problems Included, Proudly Ignorant, Promising Insults, Positively Irrational, Presently Insignificant, Philosophical Illusions, Physics Inside

Contributed submissions:

Promoting Ideas, Prain Included, Pump It, Plotting Infinity, Position Independent, Pissing Ion, Perfectly Intolerant, Protecting Insanity, Post Inflation, Plutonium Injection, Pain Intensifier, Premature Interruption, Positive Impact, Private Intrusion

And here is what Wikipedia had to add, see PI (disambiguation):

Primitive Instinct (sometimes), Public Intoxication (definitly), People's Initiative (more than useful), Principal Investigator (haven't seen one), Primary Immunodeficiency (not yet), Predictive Index (none), Provider Independent (that's what I dream of), Pass Interference (my job), Programmed Instruction (absent)

My apologies to the whole public outreach department. I expect a sentence of 4 months snow.

See also: 3.141592653589793238462...


Arun said...

Physically Impossible
Perfectly Insipid
Precisely Imprecise
People Indoctrinator
Pinhead Institution
Peabrain (P-Brane?) Inventors
Popperian Induction
Pick-an Idiot
Purple Indigo

Bee said...

*lol* Not bad, you got the rules of the game. If you can type 100+ letters/minute on the BlackBerry, you qualify to be picked...

Arun said...

Physicists Impecunious
Progress Impediment
Powerful Idea
Probe Infinite
Probe Infinitesimal
Parley Infinitum?
Pettifoggers Incorporated
Profound Insights

Arun said...


Bee said...

Profound Insights... Indeed. I'm having the profound insight that I am out of Coke. Gotta go catch some, have fun. - B.

Arun said...

I must be possibly ill for coming up with Public Intrigued by Playful Intellects Proposing Interpretations of Pi Insignia on the Public Internet.

I should take the weekend off. Enjoy your Coke, (Pepsi Impersonator).

Arun said...

Please indulge, I now have a peripatetic insect in my pate integument (i.e., a bee in my bonnet) I came here just to partially improve the piffling idea previously inscripted by replacing "Pi Insignia" with "Perimeter Initials".


Anonymous said...

Proactive Idiocracy

Bee said...

Presently, I Publish Irrelevant Papers In Peer-reviewed International Print-journals?

Bee said...

Hi Arun,


I finally get some of my 'E's!

Hi anonymous,

Possibly Inside-knowledge?

- B.

QUASAR9 said...

Pretty Inspirational
or Possibly Innane

seems it depends wholly on the point of view of observer

Arun, Profound Insights
Pepsi Impersonator - lol!
and I always thought Coke was the Real Thing

Arun said...

Persiflage Incredible!

Charles Tye said...

PI Initials?

Robert said...

during a round of post-doc applications I had to ask one of my referees (a prominent physicist) if he had already sent out the letters of recommendation and I reminded him that for PI the application procedure was online.

He replied to me that so far he had not been successful with the web forms of the "Periferal Institute".

I would expect misspelling the institution's name does not directly increase you chances there but judging from what I see in the applications to our new TMP program this point of view is not very wide spread...

Bee said...

Robert, this is too funny :-) Btw, congrats on your paper, B.