Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hello From Rome!

On the weekend, I flew to Rome to addend the String Pheno 2007. Meanwhile, my baggage decided to have a vacation in Palermo. It arrived with four days delay yesterday evening. I've been wearing the same clothes since the weekend, but this morning I saw myself faced with an incredible selection! A second jeans! Two T-shirts! A dress!

However, despite these inconveniences, I had a so far very pleasant stay since it turned out that Amara Graps (you might know her from the blogosphere) lives nearby. She was so kind to borrow me some clothes, and yesterday we spent a very nice afternoon in Rome. Since I am currently sitting in mentioned conference (and should at least pretend to listen) let me instead show you a photo.

Okay, now I have to prepare my talk... later more...


  1. That's one of the unexepected advantages of blogging: you learn to know people all over the world :-)

    Thanky for the photos, and greetings to Amara!

    Best, stefan

    PS: Good luck with your talk!

  2. Greetings, Stefan! Usenet existed before WWW and blogs and I began my 'small world' meetings at that time. I would say, instead, an advantage of the _Internet_ is to meet people all over the world.

    I'm glad that I was not traveling and am here at this time to meet Bee, and it was a pleasure playing tourist with her. For me it's been years since I made a tourist excursion in Rome and it refreshed my memory of the parts of Rome that I like, and it was fun talking and walking with Bee all over the city. The afternoon yesterday also helped me to itemize a few more activities/places to do and see before too much more time passes.

    It looks like we missed a little bit of excitement nearby. So when Bee makes her next visit, I'll make sure sure the deranged leaper jumps on queue when we are in the Pope's vicinity.

  3. Hey Bee.. I just realized your travel today is traversing Bush's same route (same airports too), but in reverse. So, forget about Bush; all of that extra security is in reality to protect 'one of our own'... :-)

  4. PS - Amara, crossing paths with son of bush, is that a sign
    are you into astrology too?

  5. Quasar9: If Bee did as the Romans did, her luggage would still be in Palermo.

    And my astrology probably disappeared about the time that Galileo pointed his finger upwards, but astrology forecasts follow the meteorological forecasts, given by the man in the military uniform, which follow the deep-cleavage velina on the game shows on Berlusconi's TV stations, so if I have an astrology craving, I can always catch a forecast on Italian TV.

  6. lol Amara,
    some stars shoot accross the skies
    some people follow pre-determined paths
    but hey 'reading' weather patterns that's what Berlusconni hires cleavages to do, and predicting world events, that's what Son of Bush hires astrologers to do.

  7. Hello Bee,

    Amara pointed me to this post - a couple comments:

    1) nice picture!
    2) Alitalia sucks. The thing is, when they lose your luggage it takes forever to get it back... One of the reasons why I stopped using them.
    3) I share Amara's point - I also met people in the internet in the usenet era.



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