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Disclaimer: No, I don't believe in horoscopes, this is just for entertainment. Get your Chinese Horoscope here.

The Chinese Zodiac - Dragon

Idealistic and proud, the Dragon is someone you want around when something big needs to be done. They think in large terms and dream big dreams. They are direct and up front, always letting you know what is on their mind. Dragon is a karmic sign, which means they will experience more than a few extreme highs and lows in their lives. The downside to the Dragon is that some are quixotic, i.e., wildly unrealistic with their big plans, while others are simply all talk or show and no action. Flattery will get you nowhere with the mighty Dragon; they expect worship. Nevertheless, the Dragon is the sign of luck, and we certainly want them on our side.


This 2007 sees a good bank account for you, Dragon - you will be able to save more, therefore keep your money stowed in a bank or safe investment. But, if you find yourself spending all this extra cash, your Wealth luck will come to nil.

Ah. So I can save money, but if I spend it, it won't get me anywhere. Now that's really quite a surprise


Support from colleagues will really spur you to greatness this 2007, Dragon, if you keep productivity on a constant high year-though. If you have been mulling over plans to start off your own business, the Pig year 2007 will be an especially auspicious year for you to do so! Solo and collaborative ventures are both good for you.

Hey, folks, watch out!


You are truly blessed this 2007, Dragon - of all the twelve animals in the Chinese Astrology pantheon, you will enjoy the best Love luck this Pig year! The married or attached Dragon will enjoy an idyllic, almost perfect relationship with their other half. If you have been dreaming of having a child lately, the year 2007 is a good year for you to do so. Aside from this, relationships with superiors and subordinates will go swimmingly for you. Congrats!

Just so you know.


Dragons will enjoy a generally sunny disposition health-wise, but elderly Dragons may have to be a little more careful with their health. Practice good judgment when eating out, and do address any minor sicknesses you may have instead of brushing it under the carpet.

Well, they could have been a bit more inspired, eh? I can write horoscopes like that as well: Dragons are generally unlikely to be run over, but should take care when crossing the street. The coming year will bring an event of great joy but it will be followed by an inevitable disappointment. Be careful whom you trust, and don't forget to file your income tax return.


  1. Very good! I'm a "fire goat" which just sounds hilarious. It tells me that this year is not good for high risk or speculative investments (I'm not a high risk person anyway). It also says not to make any major career changes or moves. (not very likely anyway) And in the love department: "If you are in a serious commitment, do not tie the knot this year. For singleton Goats, it's going to be a wonderfully exciting year for you to find your potential partner! There may be some problems regarding gossips and petty nuisances behind your back this year [so buy this protective thing]."

    Good thing I'm already married. This year sounds awful! ;-) I just might buy that little protective thingie just to be extra careful.. LOL

  2. Oh, and from the other site which calls my sign the "sheep":

    Gentle and artistic, the Sheep is the feminine sign. Don't be mislead; the Sheep can hold its own. The gentle-hearted Muhammad Ali is arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Still, they do tend to be shy and reserved. The Sheep lady truly enjoys being a lady. Not every Sheep will become a Michelangelo of course, but many will have artistic talent and most will make sure their homes are beautifully decorated. On the downside, the passive-aggressive Sheep can be an irritating whiner at times. They also need lots of stroking and understanding when they go through different moods. Nevertheless, they make good team players.

    LOL, well I think that sounds pretty close, especially the part about needing lots of stroking. ;-)

  3. Bee,

    You're not going to believe this (in view of our earlier exchange over on Asymptotia.)

    I was going to do a Chinese Dragon post earlier this morning, but then changed my mind, deciding to save it for later. I looked over here just now, and what did I see?

    This is very amusing indeed.


  4. Hey Rae Ann,

    what's your husband? I admit though I just browsed horoscopes until I liked one ;-) I even saw a 'horoscope' (can't recall where) that seriously said: if you take a vacation, don't chose Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Hi Clifford,

    you a dragon as well? I bet though I have the nicer dragon-picture, I spend quite some time to find a good one! Did you ever try to make fortune cookies on your own? I did. It's not complicated at all, and pretty funny at a party if you can chose the sayings.



    Specialized meaninglessness has come to be regarded, in certain circles, as a kind of hall mark of true science.

    ~Aldous Huxley,

  5. No, it seems that I'm an Earth Monkey, no less. No I've not made the cookies.. sounds like fun. I will show you the dragon at a later time. It is related to my Taiwan trip of last year.



  6. Hi Bee,

    David is a wood snake. ;-) Sorry, morning humor. lol

    "Depth and charisma make the Snake a formidable presence. What you see is not what you get. The Snake's many interests and insatiable thirst for knowledge result in an increasingly complex persona. Furthermore, with the Snake's penchant for secrecy, they're not likely to let us see how much is there is to know about them. More than any other sign, the Snake knows how to present itself, when it wants, in the most favorable light. The downside of this is that the Snake is likely to tire of and discard us lesser mortals. An even bigger danger is the Snake believes in revenge; so, don't cross them. Like the Dragon, the Snake is a karmic sign and likely to experience lots of extreme highs and lows in their lives."

    Wow, that sounds kind of scary, but honestly, it's pretty close to the truth in that he's definitely a "formidable presence." Not that he's mean though. He's just very strong (physically, emotionally, mentally), and that's exactly why I love him and need him. ;-)


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