Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Higher Dimensional Poem

These days, when I look out of my window and see the hazy shades of winter, I miss Santa Barbara! Especially so, because they used to distribute so pretty poems on their email list. Here is one I like best:

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Welcome to the Gravity Party!

Once before
We thought there were 4
now instead
there may be 10

So drop the dread,
while 4 is NICE,
8 is TWICE,
And while 10 is good,
let it be understood,
Should we go by the letter,
or is 11 Better?

Then Why stop there?
should you care,
Let's add to the mix,
D= 666!

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  1. 666 is the sum of each unique Roman numeral except for the last one. Given the intellectual depth of that assignment, perhaps a summation of Maya numerals will be fruitful, vegetative, or at least poetic.

    Wouldn't it be simpler if all of advanced physical theory, SUSY througth M-theory plus dark this and that, were simply wrong?

  2. So hell is another dimension,
    and the number of the beast is 666

    Have you caught Torchwood yet
    a new British tv series
    a spinoff from Dr Who,
    but no space travel ot time travel

    Instead time rifts are opening in London, wales and somewhere else up north.

    It'd be funny - except todays episode showed there really is nothing more alien, evil or insane on earth than humans

    Anything from another dimension would be a pussy compared to the horrors man has committed thru the ages whether its cutting heads off in battles or ripping out hearts and human sacrifices in Mesoamerica

    that;s before we get to world war two and the sopjisticated means of exterminating 30 million people, by having two sides fighting for supremacy and/or survival.

    And oh, before I firget there are these things they call doctors, hospitals and surgeons - who are literally the cause of more human pain, suffering & mysery, than any other single 'race' of people. And they are cleverly disguised in white coats - as if that meant anything - of course until someone decided that green was a better? colour for scrubs & surgery in operating theatres. Theatre?
    Oh yeah all the world is a stage!

    We live in one topsy-turvy world where no one knows what is right or what is wrong - but we argue endlessly on both sides. And of course we would presume to answer the origins of the universe or how many pocket universes there are - and 666 Dimensions.

  3. PS -
    Bee, The Universe we live in is proof that the Universe favours diversity. Nature favours diversity

    Even the human race favours diversity, and looks suspiciously on any claims of racial purity and/or supremacy - or at least pays lip service to multiracial cosmopolitan democracies

  4. Hi Quasar,

    than how come that diversity of species is reduces more and more during evolution?


  5. huh....

    diversity of species reducing with evolution?

    no offence Bee, but isn't that being a tad too simplistic just to prove a point.

  6. Hi Bee,
    I meant diversity not just in nature and biology - but in Nature since the behinning (or big bang) and particle physics.

    We are everyday discovering more diverse particles - are we not?

    And evolution(?) created diversity the myriad of species that appeared
    including the myriads disappearing and the myriads appearing.

    PS - You could argue that the human race has become more homogenous, and I could argue the human race has at the same time become more diverse - after all we are each individual, and in essence UNIQUE no matter how similar.
    Now I would call that diversity, we all like different things, do different things, and most of the time are occupying a different place in space-time
    And we know what happens when two particles or humans try to occupy the same place in space-time.

    PPS - I know there is a theory that some species are disappearing faster than we can 'catalogue' them in the amazon & other rain forests, but in general lifeforms are multiplying - and we (humans) still eat more chicken than ever before - just that before we would also shoot bunnt rabbits, grouse, pigeons or even parrots for food.

    Whereas now some in the US have farmed Turkey for Thanksgiving!

  7. Hi Rillin,

    no offence Bee, but isn't that being a tad too simplistic just to prove a point.

    I'm not offended, I actually wasn't trying to prove any point. I just found the statement Nature favours diversity too simplistic.

    What means diversity? It depends on how close you look, it's a matter of scale. Roughly spoken I could say, well, we humans are all alike: two legs, one nose and there's this thing where words come out and BigMacs go in etc. But of course, if you look closer, everybody of us is unique. Same to stars on the night sky. They are all just bright dots on a dark background, more or less evenly distributed. But some of them are galaxies with their own solar systems, with their own plants, each of them unique. Or all similar?

    If you look close enough though to whatever there is, everything is made of the same elementary constituents. Does the standard model qualify as 'diverse'?

    Hi Quasar,

    I know there is a theory that some species are disappearing faster than we can 'catalogue' them in the amazon & other rain forests, but in general lifeforms are multiplying

    If think this is more than some theory, I'll try to find a reference. What do you mean with multiplying? Does that multiplication necessarily increase the 'diversity' you are talking of?

    We are everyday discovering more diverse particles - are we not?

    Actually, I'd have said we don't. So far, everything fits very nicely in the standard model, and new particles that are found are build out of the particles we already know. In the very end, a theory of everything is the very task to explain everything through one and the same origin. Diversity is a macroscopic phenomenon, found on intermediate scales, crucial to the existence of life.




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