Monday, September 11, 2006



  1. it is a somewhat strange feeling to stay on 9/11 in a hotel room with the number 911...

    That day in Frankfurt was a grey, early autumn afternoon. I had started working on some new physics project, when a colleague came into the office - installed temporarily in a large seminar room, because of ongoing rennovation work - and told us that something has happened in New York, some desastrous plane crash at the World Trade Center. We didn't have radio at the institute, and the internet news servers suffered from complete overload - the spiegel online server, for example, did maintain only some minimalistic text service, and even this was not working properly...

    I am not sure anymore whether Sabine had called me to tell me to switch on television. Anyway, I went home and later drove to Sabine outside Frankfurt. The atmosphere in Frankfurt was gloomy. Once the terrorist background of the event had become clear, the bank towers downtown and the Messetower in my neighbourhood had been evacuated.

    At Sabine's place, we installed the TV she had newly bought some days earlier. All these events and pictures were really scary. I didn't know anyone working at the WTC, but it was a very strange feeling. I had been on the vistitors floor on the roof of the WTC six month earlier, and you would never have expected that such a building could just disappear, burying thousands of people working inside...

  2. America had an 1850s Civil War because there wasn't anybody else on the planet worthy of killing at the time. Now we have idiot poltroon Bush the Lesser and

    it will never stop.

  3. Hello Bee, it is good that you remembered 9/11. You would be surprised how many science bloggers act like it never happened.

    I hope you are enjoying Waterloo. Have you been through Niagara Falls yet? The casino has a huge animated sculpture dedicated to Nicolai Tesla.


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