Friday, August 11, 2006


I haven't had much time this week to write. When I am not busy with organizing my upcoming move to Canada, I am arguing with myself. I still haven't figured out what a particle is, and I still don't like the collapse of the wave-function.

As you might have noticed, I changed the template for the blog, trying to get more WIDTH for the text. I also kicked out our temporary contributor Mirko, who disappointingly never wrote anything. I turned on word-verification, because we had a lot of spam-comments lately, and I am getting tired of deleting them.

Here, in Santa Barbara, the Strings '06 programme at KITP has begun. From Aug. 28th to Sep. 1st, UCSB will host this year's conference on String Phenomenology, which I plan to attend, before I move to Waterloo.

Last week, I got my work permit for Canada, and I can't recall I have ever been in an office which worked such efficiently! In contrast to my applications for US-visa, I was treated like a human being there. No fingerprints were taken, no photos. No interrogation about my past, present, and future. No request for the so-called ties to the home country, for which I used to bring letters from friends (someone told me bank statements from my German account would do, but I don't think these bank statements make convincing reason to go back there). As it turned out, I don't even need to apply for a visa. The permit was issued in a total of 5 hours.

I have a one-way ticket to Toronto, my office and my apartment are a mess of things whose purpose I can't recall and which I have to stuff into boxes. Today, I spent several hours arguing with computer voices on service-free toll-hotlines, and almost managed to have my gas shut off on Aug. 1st.

Besides this, I have nothing intelligent to say, except: have a nice weekend. Now I go back to arguing with myself.


  1. Hello, Bee. I have enjoyed your blog, and hope you don't mind my including a link to it on my blog. I am sure that you will enjoy Waterloo. The Perimeter Institute is a building ideally designed for thinking. It even has a squash court to biuld a reactor beneath. I hope you enjoy Toronto, Niagara Falls and the rest of Ontario.

  2. Hi Bee,

    I have a friend who used so say that the problem of moving is the "mass drag effect". As time passes by, we increase the number of things and necessities of life. So each time we move, we feel more and more the effect of the mass drag. For instance, the first time I moved, I only needed a bag or so. The situation then became more and more complicated. Last time I moved, I had to deal with my own stuff (I do have a lot of books and how they weight!), my hunsband's stuff and my son's stuff. Now that I am settled and have no worries of moving again, the number of things at home increased tremendously (and I am not that kind of person that collects unpractical things!). If I had to move again, this would take days and days of calculated effort, stress and despair.

    Best of good luck for you in Waterloo! (Despite of what I wrote above, I would not care at all about moving again if it were to work at Perimeter!!)


  3. 08 12 06

    Whoa! You sure have a wonderful opportunity. Best Wishes.

  4. Canukistan is desperate for Caucasian population. Any pale body sustaining 35 C or higher with taxable income is offered citizenship before seatbelts are unfastened.

    Look at the sales tax. Postage stamps are taxed. Check out artist tax regulations then declare yourself to be an artist. The People's Republic of Canada is a giant grasshopper feeding off ants. Learn how to jump.

    Automobile speed traps are venomous, including "ghost cars." Beware of any country that disarms its citizenry. There is a worm in Eden, a worm, a worm...

  5. Good luck with your move! That seems like a big change from CA to Canada.

  6. Hi Bee, I visited friends in Toronto spring '03, it's a great city, you have to like it. Regarding that Mirko guy: see? I told you... Like the new background.

  7. Hi Bee, whay can be more intelligent than wishing everyone a lovely weekend.
    I can hardly keep track of you.
    Canada, California, Germany, California, now you moving to Canada, well the Canadian Mounties know how to treat people like Real people. Did they have a Mountie like the guy from Due South at the Embassy


  9. Hi Bee, hope you find Toronto and Canadians in general, as enjoyable as I have on my many visits there.

    Though I hate flying, my love of Canada was greater, some great places/lake's to see and enjoy.

    Again I hope you are successful in all your new move brings.

    P.S the linked photo of me in Canada was just before my sister, (who took the photo and was resident of toronto for 15 yrs, prior to her coming back yo UK) screamed run B..E..A..R!! I almost had an Heart attack, but waited from my revenge at a later date!

    All the best.

  10. Hi Christine,

    there is certainly truth in what you say. However, in lack of family, I for myself realized with every move how little is really necessary. By now I am really good in throwing and giving away stuff. Basically, everything I would miss is in a shoebox under my bed, and in a folder with a sticker saying 'important'.

    But then, it would take too much time and money to get new clothes, books and furniture every time I move.

    And throwing away isn't always that easy. Right now I wish I could throw away my car. Possession sucks. I wish I could import all my tons of scribbled notes, and badly organized papers on my iPod and just jump on a plane.

    All the best,


  11. Dear Quasar,

    yeah, my summer has been nuts.

    I used to find it hard to answer the question 'how are you?'. But then, two days ago a friend called me on the cell, and asked 'Where are you'? I had been staring at the wall for some time, thinking about nothing or maybe everything. So I looked around and realized: I am at Starbucks. Great. They look the same everywhere, even in Europe. I used to find that comforting, but sometimes its just plain confusing.

    So, I looked through the window and I saw: A RiteAid pharmacy, a Shell Station and a Denny's. Great, I thought. I am at a mall. Somewhere in the US. Then, a guy with an University-of-Michigan-shirt walked by. For one awkward moment, I thought I am in Ann Arbor, before two very California looking girls in UCSB shorts saved me.

    It will be good to stay at one place for some while.



  12. Bee, I'm just like you.
    I don't even need my laptop.
    I can just loginto my H/D from wherever I am. lol!

    PS - I once went thru an airport and the only luggage I had was the "Ghost in the Machine" by The Police
    Got some funny looks from customs officers, when evrybody else who went thru had tonnes of luggage, golf-clubs and all
    But more bizarre is when I had to put the record thru the scanner ...
    people were half expecting the music to be played thry thetannoy system

    This was in the days of 12 inch vynil, DVD's are so much cooler, but an ipod makes even them redundant when travelling. lol!
    Hope you are having a nice time wherever. I know would if I were you.


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