Monday, May 29, 2006

Paris, Planck 2006

This week, I am in Paris at the conference

Planck 2006: From the Electroweak to the Planck Scale

which is so far really nice. The company is pleasant, the food is excellent, the seats in the auditorium are extremely comfortable to sleep in, and - oh yes - the talks are okay so far.

I can't pass a single chocolaterie without picking some pralines. The coffee tastes like coffee, the cheese tastes like cheese, the traffic is still suicidal, Notre Dame is still here, and the French still smoke in public. That's the nice thing about Europe: it's so reliable.

Vive la France, B.


  1. Dear Bee,

    and the photos are from this afternoon? The tricolore is so colourful, and the green of the trees in front of Notre Dame so fresh - all that looks really great. And you are als lucky with the weather, at least as compared to Frankfurt, where it is still raining like last week...

    Have a great time!


  2. I really am suprised, the weather in Brussels has been terrible the last few weeks. Wish I was in Paris too!

  3. dear dimitri, dear stefan,

    I have been waiting the whole day for the rain to stop, and made the photos in those five minutes when there was a hole in the clouds. Hope that comforts you ;-)

    Regarding the colorful tricolore... it's a click on a button, and then I enter color: + 10. Best,


  4. ps: if you don't believe the rain - look at the woman in the middle photo, she's wearing a raincoat.


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