Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here is a short note from the other side of the Atlantic. A week ago, nine strong men carried an endless series of moving boxes and pieces of furniture from an apartment on the fifth floor to the basement. Unfortunately, there was no elevator, but four hours later, everything was stowed away in a van.

Heidelberg is just about one hour's drive from Frankfurt, so my move went quickly. And the new apartment is in the ground floor and the second floor, which meant much less sweat when moving everything in.

In the meantime, there are still boxes everywhere, but at least, all the rooms are usable. And the moving company, Schlensker Umzüge, did a great job - nothing got damaged or lost, and even the blanket of the couch, which had been missing first, did pop up again on Sunday: Someone had put it into the microwave oven. Fortunately, I had reduced the common microwave background before!


  1. Glad to hear the blanket showed up again. And I see you decided to bring the Ficus despite its extensive leaf-loss ;-)

  2. Yeah, the ficus... there was just enough space in the van, and the guys carried down and stowed everything unless explicitely told not to do so... even the big bag with the old clothes I had sorted out has been moved.

    The advantage of carrying down the ficus all the five fllors was that it lost all its dry leaves in the staircase under way ;-)

    Cheers, Stefan

  3. Congralations on the move! It's always nice when these things go well.

  4. Bee, why are you leaving beautiful Heidelberg for Frankfurt? I was onlty there (H) once, but it seemed to have all that is good about those old German towns..

    That said, I know a good few people who love living in Frankfurt. watch out for the crazy Fankfurt International Ski Club!
    Regards, Cormac

  5. Huh?

    First, it's not me who is presently moving but Stefan. Second, Stefan is moving from Frankfurt in the Heidelberg area, not the other way round. Third, but anyway if I had to chose I'd pick Frankfurt. They speak a funny accent in Heidelberg and sell too many cuckoo-clocks. Best,


  6. Hi Stefan,

    New job, new home, new town! I guess you are flooded with this peculiar feeling of joy and anticipation for a fresh new start, mixed with a sense of sweet melancholy for the things you've left behind. A wonderful combination of emotions.

    I wish you all the best.


  7. Hi,

    thanks for the good wishes... it's a bit tedious until being completely installed, with all the still packed boxes around. The environment is quite a change, indeed ;-). And I have to get used to the local dialect - I had not expected that it is that different from Frankfurt, give the quite small distance.

    Cheers, Stefan

  8. Shouldn't be too hard for a Saarländer as the dialect is quite close :)

  9. Hi Stefan,

    I’m sorry in being so late to congratulate you on your apparent successful move. In looking at all those orderly boxes with everything so neatly packed almost demands one think of entropy and how that for this one instant it is at a minimum. The next step however is to say let there be an apartment to live in and then those first initial changes of state will occur as if one let a genie out of the bottle.

    I for one have always found it hard to fathom that all can be assigned to probability as it relates to chance as if there is ever a remote possibility that all could end up in this state once again without intervention; just as I have a hard time believing that all the air in a room could find itself to one side and leave me in a vacuum. Such things are often talked about and yet never observed. In a way it’s unfortunate for if it did happen more often spontaneously then all you would have had to do was introduce the boxes into the room and wait. Then of course that wait may extend a little past the period left on the lease:-)




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