Monday, August 18, 2008

I will derive

I'm back in Canada. Work piling up, but hey, I will derive.


  1. Look at #16.

    Bad guy!

  2. Oh I loved that! I was grooving!

  3. Hehe, I knew it before. Still need to watch it from time to time, though.

  4. My preparation for the next math-lesson!
    Best Mum

  5. Hi Bee,

    Actually, I always thought the key to the process was best expressed by the Eagles :-)



  6. The Vandermark 5, a progressive jazz group, has a piece entitled Compass Shatters Magnet (for Paul Rutherford) on their Beat Reader CD.

  7. I get a kick out of the "Asics" brand having the partial derivative symbol in front of the logo. (See at For some reason I am fascinated by partial derivatives (and found a way to generalize them to derivative of an arbitrary multivariate function w.r.t. any other arbitrary MV function, not just w.r.t. base variables, directional, etc. - I will try to find the link to my NG post about that.) Recently I bought an Asics headband with that "curly delta" symbol by itself; it looks cool and tips off some cognoscenti I suppose about my math interests.


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