Monday, June 30, 2008

Science Mugs

On Friday I came across Corie Lok's blog who announces the "Nerdiest Science Mug Competition" and offers a DNA strand with the names of faculty members. Brian Clegg adds a global warming mug, and Bob O'Hara contributes a mug from the Metapopulation Research Group (website). I can't quite keep up with so much nerdiness, but I found my mug from the String Pheno 2004 in my husband's kitchen. Here it is:

Looks like a black hole but if one fills in hot coffee it reveals...

A Calabi-Yau manifold. (Seems to be essentially the same picture as this.) And here is the backside, just for completeness.

My favourite mug is actually my PI mug, black and stylish.

So what's your nerdy mug? (Blogger doesn't allow images in the comments but you can leave links.)


  1. I'm also going to have to go with my PI mug. Even after dropping it and breaking off the handles [no replacements available, sadly :(], I still use it pretty much exclusively...

  2. As a window into quantum gravity, a black hole is second only to the Big Bang, I suppose...

    Shortly after the beginning, vacuum energy was cruel enough to put spacetime on the Rack, stretching it beyond recognition. But near the end, gravitational energy is beyond cruel to toss space and time into a taffy machine, turning it into a gooey mess!

    So to pick your window into quantum gravity is to pick your torture into it, I'm afraid...

  3. One mug. Looks like Gravity Probe B has proven something now about frame dragging. But no announcement yet what that is.

  4. Your mug seems somewhat similar to the KITP mugs that, when filled with hot water, reveal a map of the CMB. My office-mate currently has one sitting on his desk, and I'm pretty sure David Gross also uses one.

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  6. Is that your backboard Bee? What's it all about?



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