Friday, June 20, 2008


When I visited PI the first time, I got a visitor information package that among other things contained the Waterloo UpTown Business and Service Directory. In this brochure I found under 'T', between 'Tea Shops' and 'Travel Agencies' the entry 'Theoretical Physics' which lists Perimeter Institute. (It's the only entry in this category.)

Yesterday I picked up the new version of that brochure, which still integrates without any fuzz Theoretical Physics with Tattoo Studios and Night Clubs. I just looked up their website: (bia = business improvement area). Does that building shown on the header with the sentence 'An experience you'll want to come back to' look familiar? You can also search the site for businesses, where you will find the category 'Theoretical Physics' as well.

Yes, Waterloo is really a nice and welcoming place for theoretical physicists. People congratulate me on the street that Mike Lazaridis just donated another $50 Mio, and tell me how much they enjoy the public lectures. It is a very pleasant environment to work in. Meanwhile, I am trying to find a sponsor for our September conference so we can have a reception the first day. I need an estimated $1,500 as I've been told - if you have any suggestions for who might be interested in sponsoring a conference on "Science in the 21st Century", please let me know. (I applied for a grant for travel support of younger people, but even if this goes through, which I don't yet know, I probably can't use it otherwise.)

Besides this, I am going on a trip today that will imply giving some seminars and so on. I will probably be stuck in transit and jetlag for a while, so you're facing a slow time.

A nice weekend to all of you.


  1. It's great that you're doing so much for the conference. Definitely tell me how that travel grant goes!

  2. Hi Domenic,

    Sure, I will let you know. I expect to hear from them within the next two weeks. Best,


  3. Doesn't U Waterloo have a physics department? I recall visiting it last year. There must be theoretical physics there as well.


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