Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This week, the Perimeter Institute hosts the conference PASCOS 08, the the 14th in a series of interdisciplinary symposia on the interface of particle physics, string theory and cosmology.

You can check out the schedule here. Like myself, most of you probably cannot just be in Waterloo, ON, right now - but thanks to the PIRSA service, we can follow all the plenary talks online, and even subscribe to a RSS feed.

I especially liked (conceding a strong personal bias...) this morning's talks by Bill Zajc on the Quark Gluon Plasma at RHIC (and in QCD and String Theory) and by Krishna Rajagopal on the Quark Gluon Plasma in QCD, at RHIC, and in String Theory.



  1. String theory made a testable prediction?

    A farmer was having problems with his hens laying eggs, so he called in a string theorist. The string theorist offered 10^1000 plausible vacuum solutions. He's still talking. The farmer borrowed a rooster.

  2. Uncle, if you want to bash string theorists, please do so elsewhere. I don't see what this has to do with anything.

  3. Yes, the RHIC talk was excellent. That factor of 3 discrepancy in p-hat was especially interesting.

  4. Sorry - that's q-hat. Note that in the second talk, the spherical cow calculation also gives a factor of 3 out, only under rather than above.

  5. So PI gets only blackhole remnants? I heard the Harvard faculty club serves fresh organic ones.

  6. The fresh organic ones radiate and emit all kinds of stuff. You don't want them in your soup.

  7. Thanks Stefan,

    conceding a strong personal bias..

    like you, I am more partial to one kind of soup.:)

  8. Hi Bee,

    After reviewing the schedule, it appears to me they have allowed for too few coffee breaks to facilitate optimum results as it relates to individual performance:-) Seriously though, I will try to catch some of this in the recordings captured by PI. It’s great that even though there is no practical means to provide a real space for us curious novices, that they have provided a place that at least allows one to be the fly on the wall. For this I am truly grateful.



  9. Hi all,
    I've been blogging about some of my favorite talks at PASCOS, including the two that are mentioned here. If you're interested, do come check out my blog



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