Sunday, April 01, 2007


Want to visit me but don't know how where Waterloo, Ontario is? No problem, just ask Google maps and get directions. Here is how Google recommends you get from Frankfurt/Germany to Waterloo/Ontario in 59 easy steps, for omitted details, see here.

1. Head west on Berliner Straße/K818 toward Ziegelgasse [0.4 km/1 min]
2. Slight left at K818 [1.2 km/2 mins]
3. Turn right at B44 [2.8 km/6 mins]
4. Continue on A648 (signs for Wiesbaden/F-Höchst/Kassel) [6.2 km/4 mins]
5. Merge onto A66 [16.0 km/9 mins]
6. Take exit 9-Wiesbadener Kreuz onto A3/E35 Köln [153 km/1 hour 18 mins]
10. Continue straight onto A3/E40 Entering Belgium [49.5 km/25 mins]
14. Continue straight onto A2/E19 Entering France [76.3 km/40 mins]
29. Take the ramp onto Quai Frissard [1.0 km/2 mins]
30. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto E05 [0.9 km/2 mins]
31. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean [5,572 km/29 days 0 hours]
32. Turn left at Long Wharf [0.2 km]
37. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-90, Entering New York [244 km/2 hours 26 mins]
38. Continue on New York State Thruway W Toll road [10.7 km/6 mins]
50. Merge onto HWY-6 N [24.1 km/23 mins]
58. Merge onto University Ave E [3.1 km/4 mins]
59. Turn right at Lester St [0.6 km/1 min]

Very many thanks to Andi for the pointer :-)

Aside: Transatlanticism is a track on the very recommendable album with the same name by Death Cab for Cutie.


  1. Very cool. I hope you will like my version, too.

  2. Is this an invitation to drop in on you? :-)

  3. Hi Lubos,

    makes me wonder why NY is the only place in the US that you can swim to from Europe?

    Hi Arun,

    Sure, should you be around, drop in at PI and I'll show you all the local sight-seeings. Like, the pyramid of barrels, the smallest Starbucks on the planet, and the world's most stupid parking lot exit.



  4. Some of those steps are pretty big
    (big foot steps?)

    One Small Step for Mankind
    One Giant Step for Man (or woman)

  5. Hi Bee,

    How abt tunneling to and from Frankfurt ;-) ?

    Ich hab Langeweile..!

    A new word I encountered lately; Gravitationswellenhintergrund.

    seeing the latest edition of:



  6. Some places don't even shop up on like Tel-Aviv, Israel.

    (No street map of Tel-Aviv. Only a satellite map).

  7. Google Maps is just a little less than complete atm( All roads from the West more or less end in Moscow. They have India, Hong Kong and Japan, though. But no way from Moscow to the East, though there is one in reality (




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