Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter !


  1. Any celebration of a male oviparous mammal encouraging profligate lascivious behavior to make crops sprout has Uncle Al's vote. Then the the One True Church went and crapped on it. Hodie mihi, cras tibi.

  2. Bee:- Egg-cellent post!



  3. I knew it! The universe is closed and egg-shaped!

  4. Hi Bee, I like it
    The universe as 3 wrapping designs for Easter eggs.

    I love the way the wrappers from chocolate (like ferrero roche) if unwrapped carefully can be ironed out into a neat gold leaf squares.

    Nothing this side nothing that side, just a thin wafer of paper foil, yet the wrapper can be crumpled and wrapped onto so many shapes.

    I know its Easter and not xmas, but cocktail party physics has lots more to say on champagne & other bubbles ...

    But of course these bubbles are all inside the Universe - maybe the measureable cosmic universe is a bubble inside The Real Universe.

    Hope you are enjoying the Easter break!

  5. Yes, not the typical Ukrainian style but maybe the answer Tegmark is looking for? :)

    Imagine one's child trying to make one of these.

  6. Hi Quasar,

    I too love chocolate wrappers :-) The chocolate you get at Starbucks has very nice wrappers, different colors, patterns...

    Speaking of Ferrero: I recently noticed that what they sell here as 'Mon Cherie' is not the 'Mon Cherie' they sell in Europe. Instead, it what I know from Germany as 'Ferrero Küsschen' (Kisses). I wonder if they changed the name because the kisses are Hershey's domain?

    Hi Plato,

    according to Tegmark the Universe is a cube, see around 6:20 min.

    I would think the CMB sprinkles are doable?



  7. Hi Bee,

    Very cute eggs! Did you make them? Great work!


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