Thursday, April 05, 2007


ONTARIO, ARPIL 5th 2007: As a tribute to global warming, the major of Waterloo announces the city will change its name to Snowloo.


  1. Every now and again God pushes the smog out of LA and looks down. He then replaces the smog in disgust. Ditto Canada and snow, Europe and population, Vatican City and religion.

  2. Dear Mr. or Mrs. GlobalWarmingAwareness, whose repeatedly submitted comments I have deleted:

    Would you please stop trying to leave a link to your site on my blog, as I'm not interested in promoting this 'awareness'.

  3. Dear Bee,

    Snowloo is a very nice and cute name. I may suggest that Waterloo should have two names: Waterloo in the summer, and Snowloo in the winter.
    The weather seems very interesting, because two days ago, I also wrote a post about the weather here, titled as "Canada's weather and Brillouin Scattering".

    Best, Y.

  4. Wasn't it wonderful today? 34 hours of snowfall! At least in Vermont :) Not very light or fluffy, but its still quite fun!


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