Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gravity Defyer

Your days of shuffling down the corridor to the next seminar are over!

Here's what I found in the Skymall catalogue last week: The Gravity Defyer. Shoes with springs. Even if you're not, you'll walk young and dynamical. As you can see on the figure to the left, if you grin as stupidly as possible, you can jump up all the way up to the moon.

"The energy reciprocating shock of the Gravity Defyer Shoe will spring you forward in life. The shoe is so much fun that the energy reciprocating shock of the Gravity Defying Shoe will actually give you the feeling of wanting to dance and be active. You might just find yourself joining a dance class soon! You will find a renewed enjoyment for walking places. You'll park farther away at the grocery store, shopping mall, and the office just to get extra time walking in your Gravity Defyer Shoes. "

Undoubtedly, you'll feel like it's the spring time of your life.

However, since this is a science blog, a word of caution is necessary. As a smart guy already pointed out, you should be aware that this ingenious invention doesn't actually defy gravity. I.e. you'll have to wait for anti-gravitation to be discovered to actually levitate. The only thing that's really innovative about this product is its name. Besides this, I want to complain that I couldn't find any Gravity Defying high heels (working on my minority issues). What is there left to say except:

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  1. Hi Bee,
    don't we all want to defy gravity.

    but more serious, we have already created man made UFO-like discs that can hover, (no not jump-jet harriers) but a frisbee like craft with rotors like a helicopter creating lift.
    They promise to make one large enough to carry passengers, not sure how efficient the motors will be - maybe Tesla motors - with solar cell charging the batteries at rest.
    Of course they will be toys for the rich at first, but it is dangerous enough letting some people lose at the wheel of a gravity held vehicle on the road, imagine nutters flying around like Bruce Willis in the 8th dimension on gravity defying machines.

    Maybe anti-gravity simply requires us to reverse the spin

  2. LOL, they are just another expensive version of "lifts" for short guys who want to seem taller.

  3. Granted, any entity that can defy gravity can only be described as alluring...But seeing this much-too-spiffy man in antigravity shoes is far from alluring! In fact, if I saw this guy spring upon me clutching that briefcase in hand along with those much-too-bright set of teeth and ever-so-crazed look on his face, Christ!, I'd simply have to either freeze in utter fear or run in sheer terror!

    Hate to say it though, this guy is living proof that there's myth behind this notion that advertising always uses sex as a marketing tool to sell goods and services. What's more, this poor fellow seems to be the reincarnation of Pee-Wee Herman! ;)

  4. Interesting the number of negative comments about these shoes. And 95% of them are from people who have never tried them.

    Last summer, I tried a pair that a friend had bought. I just ordered 2 pairs yesterday. They work. I stand on my feet for days on end at trade shows, then have to walk to transportation. I don't care about the 2" lift; it's very small-minded to say that is why men buy them. THESE THINGS WORK!

  5. i got a pair in but i had to wait 20 days for them...the best shoes i ever had....omg

  6. What a joke these shoes are.. I ordered a pair and wore them for about two weeks. They didn't do squat. So, I cut them up to see the spring system. The springs are so small I can compress them with between my fingers. Now, what do you think will happen when I put 170 pounds of my weight on them? They bottom out. I switched to Z-CoiL Footwear and what a difference and what a relief! No more pain in my knees, hip or foot. Z-CoiL's are a God-send for me!

  7. I appreciated "Anonymous'" comment (on 2-2-09) about GDs vs. Z-Coils. I walk with a limp due to dropped foot on one side, and have been wearing only Z-Coils on my feet since I discovered them over 3 yrs ago. They make an enormous difference with shock absoprtion and significantly reduce my heel, knee, hip and lower back pain. I've been toying with the idea of trying out the Gravity Defyers, but I think I won't bother now.


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