Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This morning I looked out of the window and I saw the neighbour's roof.

I mention this because I haven't seen the roof for several months. All I've seen is snow, snow, snow. The most annoying aspect of the snow was that I couldn't find my parking lot, the numbers being printed to the pavement. Repeatedly, I must have chosen the wrong spot, and found complaints on my windshield telling me I had parked on a private lot and would I please vanish. I put a precautionary note on my car saying, if this is not #34, and you are able to find it, please use mine.

And here it reappeared, ladies and gentlemen, #34


  1. 1) Put the space number on its electric socket stanchion.

    2) Unpowered parking lot? Embed Supermagnet #21 under the pavment and use a (cheap) compass.

    3) Upscale would be addressable RF chips... but you guys are theorists right? "8^>)

  2. Hi Uncle,

    thanks... I guess the solution for the theorist would be to just use signs... or not to move the car at all while snow on the ground ;-) Best,




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