Friday, December 22, 2006


She is here! The metal box from Toronto has brought Bee safely to Frankfurt. And I was amazed by this quite recent, fancy feature of real-time online tracking of flights. I could see that her plane was delayed and just crossing the Irish Sea when I was about to leave home for the airport, so I knew I had to wait one more hour before finally seeing her...

Since all shops in Germany will be closed over the holidays, from Saturday evening until Wednesday morning, we had to do some shopping this afternoon, food etc. Among the typical sweets one can get before Christmas are the Schokoladen-Nikoläuse, small Nikolaus figures made out of chocolate. They are wrapped in coloured tinfoil and have the classical red coat/white beard design.

So, we were quite surprised to see this funny Nikolaus, eh, figure, in a Manga-Look. I know that Mangas have become quite popular in Germany recently, but that they ever would take the job of Nikolaus? And, by the way, we were asking ourselves, is there anything similar to Christmas in Japan right now?

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  1. should add: since some years they also sell a female version of the Chocolate Santa. Comes with long blond hair and the appropriate curves in the right places.

    besides this, yes, the online tracking is funny, because you know much more when you're on the airline's webpage instead of sitting ad the stupid gate where they just shift the boarding time every 15 minutes and apologize profoundly for the inconvenience.

    B (jetlagged)


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