Friday, December 15, 2006

Beauty in Physics

As a postscriptum to my earlier post about The Beauty of it All, here is a photo of my latest painting. I made it after a sketch I took from Chanda's back during a seminar.

[Click to enlarge]

Yes, the lady on the photo is the same Chanda who also wrote the guest post at CV, see also my post about Diversity in Science.

The painting is 20'' x 24'', acrylic on canvas.

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  1. Hey, nice job. You should have got her to hold a mirror, and painted that too.:) There is more then just that way, of doing symmetry? :)

    Does she know?

    From the outset, then, symmetry was closely related to harmony, beauty, and unity, and this was to prove decisive for its role in theories of nature.

  2. Hi Plato,

    thanks :-) Yes, she knows. Have a nice weekend,


  3. Shouldn't there be a tobacco pipe floating above her head? Symmetries break - that is where all the fun hides in plain sight. Even better, the word "pipe" rather than the object. When somebody comments, say "it's really a metaphoric apple."

    A background of violent vortices in heavy paint, perhaps as a Penrose tiling, gets the critics humming and the price up. What is true art but a tax avoidance mechanism for more deserving others?

  4. The painting gives me the sense of being in one's own private world even though a seminar is going on.

  5. wow, this is gorgeous! I wish I could paint like this. Did you try oil colours? If not, you should. Ciao,

  6. very nice job indeed. I like the choice of colors, the lack of anything else to focus on except the subject, and -as others have noted- the magrittesque layout.



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