Monday, December 18, 2006

The Lion sleeps tonight

Look at this cute video that my mum just sent me!

Isn't this just a totally amazing animation? (Google video has a version with slighly better quality, see here -- it's not exactly the same version as I just noticed).

Also nice is the string backlash, and the joke of the day :-).

The name of the guy who made the videos is Pierre Coffin. You find some more info on this website. You can stop that site from quacking by clicking on the ouch-button...


  1. Oldie but Goldie I guess 8-)
    I dont know what it is with this video clip, but I also got it from my mum a while ago ...

  2. Hi Wolfgang,

    It's a mum-conspiracy. They want to overtake the world by using cute animal pictures ;-) Best,



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