Friday, April 27, 2012

The Nerdly Painter's Blog

In expecto weekendum, I want to share with you the link of Regina Valluzzi'a blog Nerdly Painter. Regina has a BS in Materials Science from MIT and PhD in Polymer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and she does the most wonderful science-themed paintings I've seen. A teaser below. Go check out her blog and have a good start into the weekend!


  1. Her paintings ring a bell. They remind me of the wonderful cover of a textbook .

    Is she inspired by String theory?

    Well, aren't we all:-)

  2. Hi Bee,

    Not much more to say other than thanks as often happens for me when the objective meets the subjective all I can do is stand back to have it appreciated.



  3. Hiya,
    I ran across this and see that I must have broken the link to the image when I was rearranging my blog. Do you need a fresh link/image? I don't remember which piece you'd posted, but here's the current link to D-branes. Which is clearly not at all inspired by String Theory (joking).

  4. Hi Nerdly Painter,

    Glad to hear you are still painting! It was a painting called 'entropic repulsion'. I like the D-branes too, will share them on my facebook page :) Best,



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