Sunday, April 22, 2012

Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity 2012

It is my great pleasure to let you know that there will be a third conference on Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity, October 22 to 25, this year, at Perimeter Institute. (A summary of the ESQG 2007 is here, and a summary from 2010 is here.) Even better is that this time it wasn't my initiative but Astrid Eichhorn's, who is also to be credited for the theme "The hard facts." The third of the organizers is Lee Smolin, who has been of great help also with the last meeting. But most important, the website of the ESQG 2012 is here.

We have an open registration with a moderate fee of CAN$ 115, which is mostly to cover catering expenses. There is a limit to the number of people we can accommodate, so if you are interested in attending, I recommend you register early. If time comes, I'll tell you some more details about the meeting.


  1. Hi Bee,

    I look forward to you talking more about this conference as it approaches. It’s also nice to see that someone has signed on to keep this one going. Astrid is someone new to me so might I expect she might be one of the new postdocs taken on since the Stephen Hawking wing has been opened at PI? Subtitling this one “The Hard Facts”; well that’s the trick isn’t it.



  2. Hi Phil,

    I expect this meeting to be very interesting as with the new data from the LHC and gamma ray bursts, so the subtitle seems very apt. I haven't met Astrid actually, but yes, she's a new postdoc at PI (see her profile page). Best,


  3. To make progress in this area it is mandatory to establish a contact to observations and experiments and to learn what the "hard facts" on quantum gravity are, that nature provides us with.

    Yes, this should be really interesting. With the latest coming out of IceCube there is going to have to be some adjustments in terms of GRB's.

    What else theoretically does this imply in terms of quantum Gravity....a layman like me definitely likes to know.

    Neutrinos? Muons?


  4. Any artistic rendition to highlight conference?

  5. Hi Plato,

    No, sorry... I don't think there will be a poster. I'm a fan of posters, but in that I seem to be a little yesterday. Best,




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