Thursday, November 10, 2011

Open positions at NORDITA

Yes, it's this time of the year again... the time of writing applications. NORDITA has some open positions, and it's a great place, so make sure to have it on your list:

We have about 5 postdoc positions in the areas of astrophysics and astrobiology, atomic physics, biological physics, condensed matter physics, gravitation and cosmology, high-energy physics, nuclear physics, and statistical physics. These are 2 year positions and successful applicants can do their own research, they will not be assigned to a supervisor. The job description is here, and the application form is here. The Deadline is November 15th, so it's time to upload your files now and hit submit.

We are this year also looking for an assistant professor in theoretical condensed matter physics. The job description is here, and the application form is here. The deadline is November 22nd.

If none of that is for you, NORDITA also has a visiting PhD student program. It says in the announcement that this program is primarily intended for PhD students from the Nordic and Baltic countries, but students from other countries will also be considered, so don't get discouraged if you don't know where the Baltic Sea is. Applications will be accepted between November 15 and December 15, the application form is here.

As you know, I am currently on parental leave, but if you have questions about NORDITA, I'll be happy to answer them. Write me at hossi[at]


  1. Anything for budding physics writers? I can't seem to find the time to finish the research for my book, v frustrating.
    It's a pity there are no postdoc positions for such things..

  2. Hi Coraifear...

    A postdoc position isn't the right place to look for this. If you have a PhD already, I suggest you write a proposal to your national science foundation for funding of your own position. But think twice, if you spend a year or two writing a book in your early career, it will get even more difficult to find a job later. Best,


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  4. Hi Bee,

    I truly hope by reading this some otherwise worthy candidates become aware of the opportunities Nordita is having made available. There is a side of me which wished I qualified and then another who must admit the sacrifices which is required to follow such a path might not be something I’d have the qualifiers for; none the less I’m grateful some manage to have them.

    However if they ever are looking to hire on a court jester I would entertain tossing both my hat and CV into the ring:-)



  5. Best place to live right now. A country with robust economy outside the eurozone:-)


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