Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nerdy Riddle

What am I?

In the mirror I see three,
ψ is always part of me,
I am always positive
And like the I with double f.


Jeffo said...


Bee said...


Now you have to make one up :o)

Phil Warnell said...

Hi Bee

I have no clever riddles to summit only a further connectivity regarding your solution made by the late great mathematician Paul Erdős; that is in his referring to children as epsilons in them being an arbitrarily small positive quantity. Then again as he never had any of his own I don’t think he understood their full potential; that is of course only the human variety I mean.

“If numbers aren't beautiful, I don't know what is.”

-Paul Erdős



Neil Bates said...

OK, this is based on a chicken joke I saw on FB (Jenny's Think Tank and Holistic Comedy Bar - drop in sometimes, Bee. BTW this means it can be "researched." It's a concept joke, I hope it gets around.)
An entangled particle said to its partner across the lab, "how do I get to the other side?"
What did the other particle say back?

Neil Bates said...

Re my riddle: OK, here is the joke as I finished it on Facebook:

An entangled particle said to its partner across the lab, "how do I get to the other side?"
The other particle said, "you are on the other side!"

If you understand what entanglement is, you can get the metaphysical insinuation. (Not that anyone "gets" *how* entanglement works!)

(Captcha-oid offered "pathf" which makes me go hmmm ...)

Bee said...

I found it funnier with chickens ;o). You don't need entanglement for that, just relativity.

Neil Bates said...

Hmmm ... My meaning was, each particle is also "on the other side" because of their strange connection, not sure how SRT fits in but tx Bee for rapid response. I do realize that simultaneity issues makes it difficult to say some influence literally goes across the distance (ie, even if we did allow FTL, how does it fit into various reference frames.)

Bee said...

Okay, so how about that modification:

An entangled particle said to its partner "how did you get to the other side?" - "I didn't!" - "Yes, you did!" - "No, I didn't" ...

Neil Bates said...

Cute, tx, I'll note that at my blog thread on my version of the joke. Or are we the ones who argue, the particles don't need to as they just "are" ...

Haha, the WV was "reversion", I kid you not ...