Friday, October 21, 2011


After the previous posts were somewhat heavy in content, for relaxation let me just show you some photos from a recent weekend excursion.

[Click to badastronate]

My month back at work is almost over, and we'll be commuting back to Germany in the coming days so Superdaddy can reappear in his office chair.


  1. Hi Bee,

    Nice photos and ones that have me mindful of what can be found in areas close to my neck of the woods; that is including the rural landscapes and structures. Actually, in my mind it resembles a region near here known as Muskoka. Perhaps one day you Stefan and the girls may explore this area for yourself to find the same.



  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the link to the video, that's very relaxing too :-) It looks quite similar indeed. Except, what you don't see on my photos however, is that we have a lot of granite rocks sticking out of the ground here. I should maybe take some photos. (The moss in the last photo was on such a rock.) It looks very peculiar. These rocks are, as you can guess, very hard to remove and very expensive to work with, so many cities (malls, apartments, etc) seem to be built around them. Best,


  3. Hi Bee,

    It's the same right down to the rocks as Muskoka is to found upon the Canadian Shield; difficult to build on yet providing a strong foundation.



  4. Hi Bee,

    Nice country pictures.

    Walking, and if you can, living in nature has a way of settling the soul so to speak:) At least it does in my case.

    The only draw back is those pesky mosquitoes come spring.

    This is the nice thing about Canada is it's wide open spaces that still exist between the towns and cities across Canada.

    Hey Phil, in Ontario, populations do seem a bit closer together though. Have been to Owen Sound many years ago. The East Coast is nice too.


    Good stuff!

    Forests and green open spaces hug the soul. Three billion people before, it was a much nicer planet. In my youth I lived across the street from 10,000 people - a Projects in Brooklyn, a city block of multiple ten stories of writhing brick spaced by thin weedy lawns. People sat on benches and stared at sidewalks, growing older faster than time. They were dry grey husks by 40, surrounded by grey grime under a dirty grey sky. Alighieri knew little about Hell.

  6. It reminds me of New Jersey. good to see you folks get away for a while. Nothing refreshes like nature.


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