Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Away note

I'll be away the rest of the week for a brief trip to Jyväskylä, Finland. I'm also quite busy next week, so don't expect to hear much from me.

For your distraction, here's some things that I've come across that you might enjoy:


  1. Colored ants: Melamine dissolved in blue drops, cyanuric acid dissolved in red drops. The communal stomach converges within the colony, then purple death,

    From your abstract, "the hope of obtaining experimental guidance for our quest to find the right theory" Euclid "works" on a torus via perturbation treatments and symmetry breakings.

    Observed vacuum mirror symmetry toward massless photons is postulated true for massed particles (fermions!). Mirror-symmetric maths describing mass require perturbation treatments and inserted symmetry breakings (Fern-Parallelismus; Ashtekar and chiral GR).

    "experimental guidance" Parity calorimetry (one day!) and parity Eotvos experiments. The universe broadcasts irony as supernovae. Shine brightly.

  2. Hi Uncle,

    Well, well. Bud did you know that 2 centuries back mercury, copper & arsenic were indeed ingredients of food colors? Interesting article here. Best,


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. WE never had any doubts that scientists are human beings, and YOU and Stefan are the proof, as this your wonderful weblog reminds us of with every post.

    Well, OK, maybe Paul Dirac and Uncle Al are aliens, seeing as how there seems to be an exception to everything, but we need further investigation to confirm. More data! Which means more funding, sigh.

  5. Just a little away from me, I could have met you, if I knew. :)

  6. Bee - while you are in Finland if you would.. please see if you can get a set of complementary Nokian Hakkapellitta R's. Seems my snows from the now crushed car are just a little to big for my new Honda Fit. And lets just say tire prices have inflated faster than the universe recently!

  7. Hi Snowboarder,

    Sorry, short trip. But thanks for reminding me we should get the winter tires on the car... Btw, a friend recently told us that he ordered a set of tires online which turned out to be less expensive despite the shipment! Best,


  8. Hi Bee - I've always used Nokian Hakkapeliitta's. I have been looking at the "R"'s which are unstudded but if you get a lot of ice the 7's are very highly rated. I'm also looking at the US version of the Continental Viking Contact 5 which is supposed to be (from comments) extremely good in deep snow. I stay away from the Michelin Ice tire as while good on ice and packed snow, people say no good in deep snow. Hope that helps in your search as well as this link from a scandinavian car magazine.



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