Friday, September 19, 2008

Villa Bosch

The workshop about which I wrote yesterday takes place at the Villa Bosch, East of Heidelberg's city center up on the hills with a great view across the river valley. It is a very pittoresk location. You find some info about the history of the villa on their website: it was erected in 1921 for the CEO of BASF, Carl Bosch, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1931. Here are some photos I just took during the coffee break:

The workshop is not in the villa itself, but in the 'studio' right next to it, a modern building with lots of glass and light wooden panels. I couldn't find a sensible angle to get a shot of the building, but here's how it looks from the inside:

(Click to enlarge photos)


  1. Lovely. And nice weather to go with it. Enjoy, enjoy.

  2. From that perspective, does the old good Germany looks more comfortable than in the previous Parallel Worlds post? In any case, our dear “global souls” can freely travel through all parallel worlds, happily and unconditionally (cf. this conference abstracts), because fortunately for them, they have enough of those special "wings" (of dollars, euros, etc.) that can so easily bring them from one parallel world to another...

  3. Andrei: As I also remarked in the previous post, this conference is funded by the Klaus Tschira foundation, Klaus Tschira is on of the founders of SAP. I guess this finances the invited speakers. As to me, I am paying for my travel privately. I can't say I travel 'happily' but occasionally I like to see the person I'm married to. Maybe you should try to make your points without insulting people who only try to do the best they can to solve the problems they see. If you wanted to say this conferences doesn't have participants from developing nations and you would like to suggest somebody, why don't you do so and omit the rest if your nonconstructive rants.

  4. Come on, Bee, we all agreed, you including, that this particular conference is particularly inefficient (not constructive) in its content, however personally "nice" its participants may be. (We are talking about conference, not people, even though there should be a link, of course: if they are so nice, why do they permit such a useless activity in our rather dramatic time full of real, truly burning, always unsolved problems?) I only joined my basically similar opinion to others, but now you are "insulted"... In that sense, you know, truth we're looking for (I still hope) is always a bit "insulting". It's a hard thing, the truth...

    What actually seems particularly interesting is that this particularly inefficient "academic" activity occurs as a conference devoted to knowledge efficiency increase! Do you find it insulting? I find it amusing!

    But especially, especially, Sabine. If you still find something constructive on the conference (which was not your case until now), just don't forget to let us know: first, we are truly interested in knowledge efficiency, and second, we should use any chance to save the reputation of German capitalism!

    It's good you provide some personal details, this is something everybody is always interested in, even in developed countries. No, it's not bad at all, that mixture of science, journalism, family rendez-vous and global problems... You know what? That conference is risking of remaining "nonsensical", but except that your personal case, which gives unique and exquisite sense to the whole event! Tschira was working for you (+ happy husband) alone! Am I positive? Extremely positive! (Sorry for the self-estimate, but all science is based on it!) In addition, it's close to midnight here and I am still missing my dinner (the only meal I take per day, in this refreshing Guatemala or how was it called already?)... You see, my personal things in exchange to your personal things. Positive?

  5. ? As I said in the comments to the previous post, I don't know whether something will come out of this. How am I supposed to judge on that before the meeting is even over, before I know whether some constructive collaboration or idea might result at some point? I don't know, and I don't like to make premature judgements. It is an interesting group of people, and I see a lot potential in that, but I'm not able to tell whether that potential will be put to good use. It is for me an interesting meeting as I haven't heard of most of the topics before, and it is good to learn what people are discussing about.

  6. In any case, that wonderful Mr. Tschira owes us special gifts, a smaller for you (because you have already profited a little) and a bigger one for me, for such unlimited publicity of his otherwise ... variously efficient activity. Because contrary to the conference, we are terribly efficient here and really philanthropic with respect to our unique and inimitable life time. You can drop a word out there...

  7. Hi Bee,

    Actually this location for the conference is both beautiful and appropriate since you point out it once was the residence of Carl Bosch. The beautiful you have made clear with your photos. As to the appropriate, it was once the residence of a fellow who himself and his company made discoveries and developed processes to have organic chemistry provide materials that in essence account for the increase in food production and products that we use everyday, much of it simply being our apparel. So to a large degree he and his company should be appreciated for putting the clothes on are backs and the food in our mouths. Now today that has thus become a lot of backs and many mouths, who despite what some of them might believe still even more require such people of knowledge and insight to have it and us continue.



  8. What a lovely place! I completely missed this Villa during the years I lived in Heidelberg (knew nothing about it). But where is it? Above the castle near Konigstuhl? On the way to Neckargemund? I searched around Google Maps with a satellite view, to see if I could locate the Villa and I didn't find it.

    Another interesting historical place, that I didn't visit (:-)), but I did hear about, is an old (Roman?) amphitheature located on the other side of the Neckar. If you ever visit there, please post pictures too!

  9. Dear Amara,

    Here is a satellite photo of the Villa on Google maps, the quality is not particularly good however. It is on the south side of the river, East of Heidelberg. You have to pass by the Castle, then it's the next exit. In fact, on the way back yesterday Stefan made a wrong turn and we came out behind the Castle.

    If we go visit some nice places in the area we'll make sure to post some photos :-)



  10. you forgot to change the links to each picture



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