Sunday, September 14, 2008

My husband sent me these beautiful flowers...

... and I have to throw them in the garbage because I'll be away the next weeks. Well, I can't possibly give them to the neighbor, can I? So I'll take a photo with me instead.


  1. Don't throw them out! hang them upside-down and dry them!

  2. ... and I can see them also :-). They made a really beautiful bouquet, I didn't know how it would look like! And I wasn't sure how long they could last.

    Hang them upside-down and dry them!

    I probably would do that also, although I know that she doesn't like dried flowers.

    Cheers, Stefan

  3. Hi Bee,

    They say hang them and dry them, do you not have access to a flask of liquid nitrogen to store them in for a week for despite the picture being a nice remembrance it still doesn’t provide the full sensory effect.

    “A photo of a rose by any other name will not smell at all, let alone as sweet.

    Well at least that’s what Shakespeare might have reminded :-)



  4. Phil,

    I am sure such a method to keeping them in time, is much to fragile.

    Press them in a book of knowledge perhaps? Dropping them to a 2D feature of a memory in line with the photograph ex?

    But I am imagine Stefan the romantic, if given to global perspective and an entrepreneurial spirit might see FTD fast approaches to what ever destination, and from what ever country, for holding such a "memorable time" until coming back home from her journey.:)


  5. Put the petals in a food processor along with Vodka, blend on high and then filter, to make a perfume out of them?

  6. I couldn't get myself to throw the roses down the garbage shute so just poured out the water. Guess they will look rather sad when I come back.

  7. Such silliness. Gender identities, alas.


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