Monday, December 24, 2007

iPostDoc Playlist - Christmas Edition

I'm temporarily indulging in a certain amount of self-pity while my family is opening the sparkling wine, and I am sitting in my apartment packing my household back into boxes. For those of you who haven't followed my moving fun, due to an unfortunate time-ordering-problem of the previous tenants paired with my own stupidity, I will have to move some floors upwards during the next days. So I won't be home for Christmas this year. Otoh, I don't have to repeat my annual summary a dozen times to update all the neighbors, friends, and relatives. And no brothers will have picked away all the nougat pralines while I am blogging.

-- Richard Marx: Right Here waiting -- Oceans apart day after day, And I slowly go insane -- Michael Buble: Home -- And I know just why you could not come along with me, 'Cause this was not your dream, but you always believed in me -- Chicago: Hard to say I'm sorry -- After all that we've been through, I will make it up to you. I promise to. -- Bangles: Hazy Shade of Winter -- Time, time, time, See what's become of me, While I looked around, For my possibilities -- Thornley: So far so good -- So far so good 'cause no one knows I'm faking, I wish I could show you the toll it's taking, Sometimes I live as if there's no tomorrow, So far so good -- NIN: The Wretched -- Just a little reminder, Of all the what abouts, And all the might have, Could have beens, Another day, Some other way -- Ron Sexsmith: Imaginary Friends -- For they've gone where the action is, And they've crossed you off their list -- Coldplay: Fix you -- When you try your best, but you don't succeed, When you get what you want but not what you need, When you feel so tired but you can't sleep, Stuck in reverse? -- Enya: Only Time -- Who can say where the road goes, Where the day flows, only time? -- ABBA: Waterloo (don't miss this video, Sweden '74!) -- Waterloo. Couldn’t escape if I wanted to. --


  1. The one with Waterloo is funny :) It reminds me the true story that a British couple thought they got cheap air tickets to "Sydney" but their plane took them to Sydney, Canada.

    There's also a Moscow in Kentucky, Geneva in New York, and Paris in Texas, the last one the title of a Wim Wenders film. (You need to be fairly old to remember that one.)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Flip,

    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!

    Hi Chickenbreeder,

    Yeah, and there is another Waterloo, somewhere in Iowa or so. But we have everything here you need: there is a London, a Paris, a Heidelberg, Cambridge, even a Bamberg - everything in the vicinity of Waterloo! Merry Christmas also to you :-)


  3. Hi all, this time-sensitive message may be easier to find in this latest thread:

    Holiday e-Card for everyone! (again)

  4. greetings!

    ooh,,, those were the days, ABBA, the 70ties, myself a schoolboy.

    ABBA! absolutely decisive to my taste in music and rythm, my motivation and a great help in learning English.

    Tack så mycket!

    Interesting to hear out the small imperfections of their performance. However they won bigtime! more than anyone could have ever bargained for.

    Here is a true marvel: HAPPY NEWYEAR!



  5. Great list! Here's a nice one for you and Stefan:

    "When I see you smile
    I can face the world
    Oh, you know I can do anything
    When I see you smile"

    It always amazed me how pretty those guys got their hair back then. ;-)


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