Monday, June 11, 2007


Can you spot a fake smile? Take the test.

"Scientists distinguish between genuine and fake smiles by using a coding system called the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), which was devised by Professor Paul Ekman of the University of California and Dr Wallace V. Friesen of the University of Kentucky."

Especially recommendable when sitting in the afternoon session while the sun outside is shining brightly...

    Why Are There Always So Many Other Things To Do?
    Distractions, Like Butterflies Are Buzzing 'Round My Head...

~ Paul McCartney, Distractions


  1. There is nothing fake about a sociopath's smile.

    Humanity is all about discovery and its implementation; all else is waiting. That is why so many folk are so unhappy - they cannot discover and have no ability to engineer. Their lives are pliers tightening nuts.

  2. Hi Kea: Impressive! I only made it to 15/20.

    Hi Uncle: True. I can't make so much sense out of this categorization of smiles. I don't care if someone smiles because he 'just' wants to appear nice, or because he's 'just' of the sunny type. The dangerous people are thise who believe their own lies. We're all actors one way or the other. People are unhappy if they feel they can't influence their life. Results in violence, desperation and self-help groups. Best, B.

  3. 85% success here.

  4. Yes - what's the definition of a fake smile?

    Did they ask their volunteers to smile once fakely and once really? Something about 'involuntary response to pleasurable stimuli' - which would be what?

    I got a basically random score...
    but I'm convinced that I knew the guy 'No.19' at university. Him I did get correct!

  5. > You got 8 out of 20 correct

    Hm... random guess, I guess...
    but then:

    > Most people are surprisingly bad at spotting fake smiles

    There may be hope :-)



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