Saturday, June 09, 2007

Femme fatale, post mortale

Oh well, I promised you photos from Europe, didn't I? Here's how you look like if you hang above a door frame for too long ;-)

Seen somewhere in Rome around here, close by the Piazza del Quirinale. Still think you like buildings where you can feel the presence of the ancestors?


  1. Oh, Bee! I told you not to share that photo of me! ;-)

  2. It's too angel-like to be you Rae, unless you have wings. Reminds me more a math lecturer I had (after seeing my homework) ...

  3. ... and we almost left that corner without pics :-).

    This happy lady is hanging over the 1st-from-the-left doorway of the Palazzo della Consulta Roma. Perhaps her appearance is due to being attached to the heavy responsibilities of the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic....

  4. The dear lady might be more happy if she had a third breast to serve wine, or better yet, offered her apples for sale. :-)

  5. Yuck...! Bizarre!

  6. Dear Amara :-)

    yes, and thanks so much for pointing it out, I would have missed it without you! Best,


  7. Off-topic alert.
    Global warming is not the only thing we need to worry about.

  8. Hi Arun,

    yes, I recall I saw that movie in some talk. It caused quite some discussion (though it was actually completely off topic). It kind of reminds me when I was in elementary school I read in a book that our sun will turn into a red giant and eventually swallow the earth (came with quite impressive illustrations about the end of the world). I was really disturbed about that. Nowadays I only worry about silly things (like, my laptop's battery is low... need to find an outlet). Best,


  9. When I first saw this, I thought it was an old woman, perhaps the comment "presence of the ancestors" tricked my mind. Actually, winged women with snakes for hair are gorgons.

  10. Hi Carl,
    well, parts of her anatomy let me conclude that she might have been hanging there for a while.

  11. Hi Carl,

    Actually, winged women with snakes for hair are gorgons.

    good point - I didn't recognize the snakes.. On the other hand, the bat wings and google put me on the track that she may be a Minyad, maybe Leucippe...

    I guess that's a question that cannot be answered from the internet ;-)..

    Best, stefan



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