Saturday, May 12, 2007

Decoherence Night II

Yesterday evening, the 2nd 'Decoherence Night' at PI took place. This time we had a live performance in the new building's Black Hole bistro. Here we have multi-talented Federico Piazza playing the guitar and the harmonica:

Matthew Leifer playing guitar:

Constantinos Skordis turned out to be a pretty good singer, here playing guitar with Federico:

Responsible for the organization/technical equipment, the coolest guy at PI: Michele Arzano.

And of course the quality of the photos is that bad on purpose (simulating how things look like after 3+ cocktails or so.)

I have to say though, I liked the first Decoherence Night better. Not only has the old building a much nicer atmosphere, but I am afraid I am more into the really loud stuff with flashing lights etc.

(But the cocktails were better this time.)

PS: I just noticed - Perimeter's website moved from dot ca to dot com? How's that?


  1. Perimeter's website moved from dot ca to dot com? How's that?

    Well, usually the next step is to require the staff to monetize their user generated content, for example, by selling our blog comments to each other. It's the latest thing, really.

    At least the .ca domain still works, and doesn't redirect.

  2. So now you're all decohered, no longer superposed, drained of quantum wierdness and are well-behaved classical objects?

  3. ha. indeed, I think they should rank our salaries according to the number of comments we get. you know what? i noticed yesterday there are even people IN THE BUILDING who don't know me, but read my blog. how weird is that. (and they of course have no idea what I am working on, not that anybody has, including me.)

    besides this, you don't know it but each time you read my blog you DO get charged for it: every 1000 words you loose a brain cell, and eventually you'll be degenerated into an internet dummy who copies comments from one blog to the next.



    B (lost several braincells yesterday)

  4. Hi Arun,

    we are definitely classical, but not really well-behaved. in fact, I believe PI is fundamentally chaotic and the evolution equation is not unitary. not to mention that nobody has any idea what time is. also, there are still discussions whether PI Hierarchy has a Hamiltonian Structure or not ;-)




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