Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Asymptotic Backreaction

As I can see from the previous post, my husband has very pauciloquently apologized for my absence. I am presently in LA, and I can report proudly that I am making progress getting lost in the City of Angels (I keep thinking Lost Angeles might be more appropriate). The only reliable statement about the Highway 405 I can make is that my exit is always the one that is closed. This time, it's Venice Blvd. which is little more than a construction area. Amazingly, despite the fact that I've lived in California for a year, the sight of a street sign saying '101 HOLLYWOOD' still makes me smile.

I have given the hotel in Venice Beach a second chance. This time I actually met the manager who turned out to be like 16 years or so. (And if he isn't, then I'd really like to have the number of his plastic surgeon.) The wireless is constantly dysfunctional, which might have something to do with the electricity being of a certain 3rd world quality with lights flickering each time the fridge turns on. But anyway, I found besides the hotel's wireless there's another wireless here, very creatively named 'venice'. It's secured, but amazingly my first try for the passkey was accepted (have a guess).

But now to the really interesting part. I've finally met Clifford from Asymptotia, who spent his Sunday taking me on what he called 'The Asymptotia Tour', showing me the nicer places in LA, and, definitly the mayor should pay him for that :-) Clifford turned out to be an entertaining tourist guide, with a cute British accent and a cool hat. Here he is, hat included:

Whether you believe it or not, the photo was taken on a roof top, that of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which has a really stunning architecture. You might recognize it from this post at Asymptotia. Here is my snapshot of the LA skyline:

Okay, that's it for today from the city of lost angels...

Update: For a revenge photo of my all curly beach hair see also Clifford's post Backreacting Asymptotically.


  1. Wow... you actually were still photographing while I was waving my arms about like that?! Huh. Well, I hope you did not record any of my tourguide patter...

    I did a post on asymptotia in reply!



  2. lol Bee - Lost in LA
    Sounds like A multidimensional City
    in more ways than one, or two, or 3

  3. Jealous! I didn't get the grand tour! Glad you are having fun, though.

  4. As with all exercises of jackbooted State compassion, getting into America is much easier than getting out. The best of escapes to you!

  5. hi bee. global warming is a very serious problem:




  6. Bee,

    I've complained about your portrait photographs in the past, so I should say I like this one posted here.

  7. Hi Bee, Welcome to L.A. You saw a bit more of the Asymptotic Tour than I did. That parking garage next to you in this photo looks familiar, though. I think Clifford gave me a bird's eye view of the USC campus from there. Ciao!

  8. Bee, next time you're in LA, maybe you oughta have a GPS receiver implanted under your noggin, or better still, have Clifford's uncanny knack for navigation installed in your head! ;-)


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