Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the more pleasant surprises of moving to another country is the unexpected occurrence of holidays. So I noticed yesterday evening that today, the second Monday in October, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.

What is even less known is that Germany also has a Thanksgiving (Erntedankfest), which is not a national holiday, and I can't recall the appearance of lager amounts of turkeys. It's celebrated in some churches, and around this time of the year there are many markets where the new fruits, vegetables and wines are sold. It's a kind of gathering I like to call Fressfest, which -- I apologize -- is completely untranslatable. In Frankfurt, it will probably take place in the Fressgass.

Yesterday, it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I took the photos below (click to enlarge). A happy Thanksgiving to all of you, no matter what part of the world you're at.

And just in case there are still people in the world who don't know this, here's

    How to Cook a Turkey


    Go buy a turkey. Take a drink of whiskey (or scotch). Put turkey in the oven. Take another 2 drinks of whiskey . Set the degree at 375 ovens.

    Take 3 more whiskeys of drink. Turn oven the on. Take 4 whisks of drinky. Turk the bastey. Whiskey another bottle of get.

    Stick a turkey in the thermometer. Glass yourself a pour of whiskey. Bake the whiskey for 4 hours.

    Take the oven out of the turkey. Take the oven out of the turkey. Floor the turkey up off of the pick. Turk the carvey. Get yourself another scottle of botch. Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey.

    Bless the saying, pass and eat out



  1. Dear Bee,

    thanks for the photos - they look great!

    I hope you will have some more beautiful days of fall!

    Erntedank here was celebrated (if at all) last weekend - it is usally around the first of October - unfortunately it was raining nearly all the time.

    Best, stefan

  2. I would naughtily translate Fressfest as Gourmanday.

    Get the biggest turkey you can, 750 mls of DeKuyper "Peachtree Schnapps," a big syringe and an 18 ga. hypodermic needle. Suck the schnapps into the syringe, torque on the needle, shoot up the turkey all over - especially the breast meat. 750 mls does a 20 lb turkey. Fantastic results. Tent with aluminum foil while roasting to prevent burning of fast-cooking areas.

    WARNING! Do not drink any of the liqueur as such. Purely awful morning after. It's fantastic for creating flavorful, juicy, untoughened poultry.

  3. Bee , thats the best..i mean THE_BEST!.. description of a thanksgiving Turkey shoot I have ever heard :)

    I miss Canada weather more than anything, but I guess the lifestyle is also what I crave, anyway, hope you had a nice thanksgiving,paul.

    P.S knock one back for me, as I am tee_total !

  4. Hi Paul, Hi Uncle,

    Glad you liked the high percentage turkey :-) Currently, I am also an involuntary teetotaler, since I was given only a beginners drivers licence. Does the tee-totaling extend to cooking recipes? I mean, I know quite a lot of sauces with red or white wine, and cookies with rum etc. One can use artificial flavour, but it's not really the same.

    And yes, I think I actually like Canada. It's a very pleasant country so far, somewhere in the middle between Europe and the US. Not as fast as the US, not as slow as Europe. Best,


  5. Erntedank = Harvest Festival. Used to be practiced in the UK, but not with large quantities of alcohol, since wine doesn't really come into the picture there.

    Canadian Thanksgiving seems actually well timed to allow you to recover from it by the time Christmas arrives. The best turkey I had in Michigan was cooked by a Chinese postdoc - slowly for a long time, then hot for a short time, since we found it still wasn't ready yet. (I believe this goes exactly contrary to the usual advice.) After eating it we constructed miniature rockets and bombs out of matches.

    "I can't recall the appearance of lager amounts of turkeys"

    How about turkey amounts of lager ... been drinking already?


  6. Shoot up the turkey before cooking. Th alcohol vaporizes out, as with proper sauces and reductions. EtOH bp 78 C.

    If you are ambitious, buy a couple of large cans of sliced peaches and a box of wooden toothpicks. Place the injected turkey into its roasting pan. Impale the ends of a peach slice with toothpicks and make two small knife penetrations near the base of the turkey. Run the horizontal peach slice into the guide holes. Do it all around. Build up a zuggarat of peach slices, adding rings of toothpick-stabbed peach slices for periodic support on the large slope areas.

    As the bird roasts the fruit will carmelize. Pro-actively incrementally tent with aluminum foil to prevent burning. The result is awesome. Bananas Foster for dessert is optional.

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