Saturday, October 21, 2006


One side effect of frequent moving is that one ends up on numerous email lists with names like [Department], [All], [Postdocs], [LunchList]. Every second week or so, I receive an email telling me that the windows will be cleaned on Monday, or that some printer on the second floor is out of toner. That's good to know, but it would be even better if I roughly knew which building the printer is in, or which state to begin with.

So, I usually don't read all these emails. But yesterday I received an especially interesting one that made me laugh quite a lot. No matter what Institute I've ever been at, there's always a kitchen with a fridge you hesitate to open.

(The only exception to this rule is Perimeter, where the fridges are thoroughly cleaned every Wednesday by the staff.)

If you are reading this blog to figure out what the life of a theoretical physicist is like in reality, you'll find an essential part of it described in the email below ;-)

----- Original Message --------------------------------------------
From: "A***** N********" ***@***.uni-****.de
To: allusers@***.uni-***.de
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 3:21 PM
Subject: [allusers] mould breeding competition

Dear Colleagues,

G***** and I have just spent an exciting half hour cleaning outshockingly live food from the refrigerator in kitchen 1.2 ?! Now everything's ready for a new round in the [Institute's] mould breeding competition: whoever breeds the finest fungus within the next four weeks will be declared Master Disgustoid at the Christmas party!

So, get out your half finished packs of cream cheese and liquified fruit of undefinable origin and start the fun! Best of luck to all participants,


PS: In case we destroyed a research project: better mark it next time.
PPS: People placing prerotten food in the refrigerator will be disqualified.
PPPS: The current champion is the owner of the "Kräuterphiladelphia" with singing ascomycota.


  1. Oops,

    I did not know that you are on THAT email list... Yes, this mail was funny, indeed :-) But I'd like to emphasize that I had never ever used that fridge ;-)

    Best, stefan

  2. may I kindly remind you that I have a very telltaleing photo of YOUR fridge..? ;-)


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