Friday, September 22, 2006

First Day of Fall

See here for: First Day of Fall 2007

From Wikipedia:

Autumn (also known as fall in North American English) is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition from summer into winter. In the temperate zones, autumn is the season during which most crops are harvested, and deciduous trees lose their leaves. It is also the season where days rapidly get shorter and cooler, the nights rapidly get longer, and of gradually increasing precipitation in some parts of the world.

Fall is an alternative English word for the season of Autumn. In use now only in North American English, the word traces its origins to old Germanic languages. The exact derivation is unclear, the Old English fiƦll or feallan and the Old Norse fall all being possible candidates. However, these words all have the meaning to fall from a height and are clearly derived either from a common root or from each other.

[Photo by Ron Day]


        I had gotten tired, or maybe just old,
        Had nowhere to go to and noone to hold,
        For one carless moment, I loosened my grip,
        I made a wrong step and time started to slip,
        One careless moment, just one that was all,
        Time slipped away and spring turned into fall.

        I tried to stay focused and not to look down,
        I could not stop thinking that I should have known,
        That things far below me would drop out of sight,
        And I could not tell what was wrong and what right,
        One careless moment, I lost my connection,
        Time slipped and left me without a direction.

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  1. I have the experience of the Canadian Fall when visiting my sister. What amazed me, is that Nature has process's, such as the transformation/phase, or seasons.

    I imagined that Maple Tree leaves were like the thread, needed to make a winter blanket? the leaves fall, they form a barrier/thermal blanket, to protect the Tree's roots for the oncoming Winter.

    Quite comforting and truly amazing!

  2. Bee - I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the visit and the link! I love reading blogs like yours. I'll definately be back. If I keep reading Backreaction & Quasar9, maybe eventually I'll feel intelligent enough to comment more. Eventually... lol

  3. Hi Paul,

    It's really weird having fall again. I haven't seen trees changing colors since I moved to Arizona, and it's only now that I realize how amazing that is. When I walk through the streets here, there are all these fallen red maple leaves on the lawns, together with the inevitable crumbled and empty Tim Horton cups. I wonder if they choose the color of the cups deliberately so they would fit to the leaves ;-)



  4. Dear Bee,

    I didn't know you write poems! I quite like them which is surprising, I am not usually much into poetry. Hope you get along well in Canada. Take care,


  5. Fall here in Germany is probably not as colourful as in Canada... I hope you will enjoy that aspect of Ontario fall, at least.

    The other nice thing with autumn, besides trees changing colours, is that you get baskets full of apples and pears when you visit your parent's place in the countryside, as I did this Sunday...

    Best, stefan.

  6. Stefan, the fruits of harvest are special. Another great factor of Autumn, and just recently here in the UK, we have had some awsome, beautiful sunsets, as I m sure you have there in Germany, where colour trancends from the sky down to the treetops.

    Best time of the year by far!

  7. Hi Paul, Hi Stefan,

    I definitely do prefer spring over fall. But it is true, the sunsets are awesome these days. And the light is so nice, I wish I knew more about taking good photos, then I could share them with you. That is, when my moving stuff with the connection cable should ever arrive...

    Paul, do you celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK? Here in Canada it seems to be pretty much as in the US. In Germany there is also a Thanksgiving (Erntedank), but its not a national holiday and its not the same date (I am actually not sure when it is, I think around Halloween or so).

    I know its really silly, but Waterloo reminds me very much of Germany these days. There are of course all the maple trees, but also oaks and chestnut trees. I haven't seen any for quite some while.



  8. 'One carless moment' ?

    That could describe your arrival in Canada without vehicle or licence or insurance...

    Despite the moving house/applications thing I quite like September - usually has the best weather and fresh food (fruit, mushrooms...) and just now in Heidelberg this thing called 'neuer Wein' which tastes like grape juice when you buy it, but with a week or so in your refrigerator it transforms into Sekt.

    I'm surprised it is still allowed by the EU!

  9. Hi Thomas,

    Oh yes, it's THIS time of the year :-) You mean 'Federweisser'? I am not so much into it. But what is nice about the wine season at the Rhein are wine-tasting-tours that you can make. If you haven't yet done so you should try! Many of the small wineries offer their wines for tasting (for free), and if you take a walk along the river you can walk/stumble from one to the next... Make sure you arrange some pickup.

    Best, B.


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