Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Peer review

Folks, you might have seen this very interesting paper

Interpretation of Quantum Field Theories with a Minimal Length Scale
Authors: S. Hossenfelder

which I have discussed and discussed and discussed on New Year, then forgotten, then rediscovered on my desk, rewritten, more discussed and eventually posted on the arxiv!
Yeah! Its always a great day when a paper is so finished, SO FINISHED, its screaming to be read by as many people as possible.

Reactions so far: none.

Except the ususal email from Padmanabhan, who claims I should cite every single of his papers, related or not. Which reminds me that I looked up his website at some point, and read this absolutely great article, which let me laugh the whole day. Some quotes:

God expects us to be moral, kind to others and brush our teeth twice each day.

[Note: Since this set encompasses most of the religions, obviously there are variations in the theme; some Gods expect us to brush the teeth only once a day. Such differences of opinion, of course, have led to major conflicts and wars.]

[...] Once this is realised, it is clear why all the answers given above are correct or why all of them are incorrect and -- most importantly -- why it does not matter. In fact, all those answers -- and millions more which can be constructed -- are all the same answer in different disguises. In a way, they are not even different from the questions!

I hope that clarifies everything. Maybe I should send the latter remark as an answer to the referee's report. When I obtain one.

As a side remark: at the same day I submitted a manuscript to PRD and another manuscript to PLB. The day PRD acknowledged receipt of the manuscript, PLB accepted its manuscript for publication...

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