Monday, March 27, 2006

Finally, I made it.

After the third trial (and two errors) Bee's invitation was not dismissed by my spam filter and finally I made it: my first contribution to Bee's blog.

One thing right away: it's not gonna be something great I am about to post and I might not have the time to post stuff very often (I suppose this will keep the average quality of the contributions much higher than in any other possible scenario :-) ).

What's new on my side: nothing in particular. I am going to spend some time this week listening to talks from Frank Wilczek, whose visiting, one of the scientist who identified asymptotic freedom as a property of QCD. His public lecture has the title: 'The Universe is a strange place' which might be true, but somewhat even more so because we human beings make it one locally (although I don't think the latter is the subject he is going to talk about).
Elsewise I am going to give three lectures, two on quantum mechanical scattering theory and one on statistical mechanics this week.

Not much room for new scientific discoveries with this dense program,
anyhow, I try to figure out - like the last few months - what associate particle correlation measurements can tell us about the properties of the QCD medium in heavy ion collisions:
indeed, 'the universe' might be 'a strange place'.


  1. Hi Joerg,

    thanks so much for joining my blog :-) You definitly made my day which was otherwise rather depressing, frustrating and demotivating. By 6pm, I have successfully worked myself into a pleasantly numbing state of self-pity, ready to quit physics tomorrow.

    Concerning the strang place, it's woth mentioning that the strange quark matter is this week at UCLA, see

    And I threatend Horst to appear in his talk. Hope we will have fun.



  2. Hi Joerg,

    yes, that is nice that you agree to also contribute a little bit from time to time :-) to Bee's blog.

    Concerning all the "strange things", right now, I am actually in LA at the "Strangeness in Quark Matter" conference, and I hope I will write I little bit more about it later today or tomorrow.

    In fact, the conference is more about "quark matter" than strangeness specifically - but the talks I found most interesting are those not so closely related to my field of quark matter in heavy ion collsision. For example, there was a very interesting talk on pentaquarks on Monday, by the spokesman of the team of experimentalists who made the 2003 discovery (this is an interesting, and a little sad story, which may have no happy end since the vindication of the experimental findings is very ambigous), and about experimental comnstraints on the properties of neutron star pulsars this morning.

    Right now, it is the "free afternoon", and lots of physicists are on their way to the fancy Getty Center up on the hills close to UCLA - I have been there with Bee in January :-), so I decided not to join. Maybe time for blogging, or better, preparing the talk for my defense next week.




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