Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Science without the gobbledygook

New channel trailer in which I explain my motivation to produce videos.


  1. ...but you didn't explain it. What advantage do you see in producing videos in addition to your texts?

  2. I like the vintage tv. Good work on the production values - it's visually interesting. I'm not so sure about four popups that flashed up though.

  3. I liked the trailer a lot. As reader of your blog for many years I wanted to ask, it seemed in the early years you didn't pay much attention to what image of yourself you used, and at some point later that changed; was that due to the book and PR people?

    1. Not sure what you mean by "image". Do you literally mean "image", as in photo (and if so, which one), or metaphorically "image"?

    2. Yes, I meant the photo of yourself you use.

    3. The one in the header of the blog? That's been there for 5 years or so. The avatar I use on YouTube, that's a photo someone took for the book cover which I think is very well done. The one I use on twitter with the mask is a selfie I took during the first lockdown and it's there to make clear which side of the mask-debate I'm on.

      I don't think I am paying more attention to what photos I use where now than I did previously, but due to a combination of having more and better cameras and having had quite a number of photo shoots I have a much larger selection of photos to chose from.

    4. That answered my question, I thought perhaps because of the book PR people were influencing what pictures you used. If I'm remembering correctly I don't think you even wore makeup in the first picture I saw on the blog many years ago.

      To be clear this wasn't about looks at all, rather I was curious if as you become more of a public figure are others interested in your success trying to influence how you present yourself.

  4. Gotta wonder how "gobbledygook" translates into German.

  5. Ah! You are a fellow camera buff? Or are you more of a content collector? Room for both. I ask because back in the day when we used silver emulsions (I think it was all what? Gelatin silver?), what was done afterwards in terms of chemicals and exposures was considered at least as important as the shot.

  6. Hi, I just want to share a quote from Penrose, because it reminds me of your 'Lost in Math': 'A beautiful idea has a much greater chance of being a correct idea than a ugly one. At least that has been my own experience, and similar sentiments have been expressed by others...'
    And then he quotes other authors.

    From Penrose's 'The Emperor's new mind' p. 544 (A poor book about the mind, but with good chapters about physics).




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