Tuesday, July 23, 2019

When they ask us [I’ve been singing again]

Prompted by last week’s conference (sorry, I meant “unconference”) which saw a lot of climate-related talks, climate modeling, geoengineering, biodiversity, and so on. Wrote this on the plane back home. Loosely inspired by this and this. Enjoy, while it lasts.


  1. My father, a professor of linguistics, knew a thing or two. He made an interesting statement when I was a young boy that when it came to a contest between ecology and economics that economics would win. To really protect the biosphere of Earth we need to change much of our socioeconomic reality. However, our mad quest for profits in the short term have eclipsed our bigger sense of things. Now the politics of the day, lead by the US and then the UK, is to do everything wrong as possible and we are working to demolish our plantetary life support system. The human prospect looks at best very dubious right now.

    1. The quest for profits isn't the problem. The problem is if the quest of profits does not factor in environmental consequences. This is a well known cause of market failure. It has to do with "mad" short-term quests only in so far as that the risk assessment of long-term quests is more difficult. (And, therefore, we are likely to just not make the effort to begin with, hence waiting until problems hit us over the head.)

    2. As I see it the idea of God and the construction we call money share one property in common; they both cause people to think and do crazy things.

  2. Well done and really beautiful to hear but how does flying get along with climate change lament? Hiking & Biking ought to be the sacrosanct means of transportation... :-)

    1. Uli,

      Well, yes, that's why the chorus. Me wondering how sincerely can all these people be taking their complaints if they jet to California to be wined and dined by Google.

    2. never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

  3. Hi SABINE !!!

    OMG !

    - might translate as MG!

    Am very tired, will comment
    on the Morrow.
    (learning). lol

    Your video made my day.!

    Thank You
    for Your Work.

  4. Excellent! Should copy write! Makes the top 40! on my chart! Seriously liable to be stolen.

  5. and she sings. Most beautifully. reposting.



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