Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Win a free copy of "Lost in Maths" in French

My book “Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray” was recently translated to French. Today is your chance to win a free copy of the French translation! The first three people who submit a comment to this blogpost with a brief explanation of why they are interested in reading the book will be the lucky winners.

The only entry requirement is that you must be willing to send me a mailing address. Comments submitted by email or left on other platforms do not count because I cannot compare time-stamps.

Update: The books are gone.


  1. Dear Bee, I am a French mathematician and I would like to know why abusing Math in Physics may have negative effects. Thank you for this book!

    1. dds,

      Wow, I wasn't even done sharing this post on twitter when your comment came. The book is yours! Please send me a mailing address to (and let me know if you want a signed or unsigned copy). Congratulations :) :)

  2. Hello!
    I've been following you anonymously on Twitter for quite some time now but i was too lazy to actually order your book ! Shame on me ; now that there is a French version I have no excuse !

    1. Hi Jerome,

      Congratulations, the book is yours! Please send a mailing address to (and let me know if you want a signed or unsigned copy).

  3. Dear Sabine, I am an American living and working in Germany with a passion for science, especially astronomy and physics. I am interested in reading this book because I am interested in your views on the state of physics research. Thank you!

    1. Astronomer72,

      You are #3! Congratulations, the book is yours! Please send me a mailing address to (and let me know if you want a signed or unsigned copy).

  4. I may not be the third to answer but I would live to win this book! Tres magnifiqué

  5. Love your blog. That's all I got.

  6. As a French Canadian, I feel greatly discriminated by the space time of this contest which did not take into account the time zones and the problem of engineer of the synchronization of the clocks having inspired an important work in connection with your field of research , I think. I have been reading you regularly for a long time and love your work and your thoughts, I would like a free copy of your book but hey, how to fight against the determinism of space time. Everything is already written, is not it?

  7. Hi SABINE, !!!
    Wie Gehts ?

    I hope your day is going well.
    - I find mine ,at the moment,
    lacking time
    to communicate.
    - the least of reasons being
    that my car did not start
    this morning. ...Ugh !

    First, I appreciate your contest though I had little interest in it. I already have a copy of Your book (Love it) and my French is limited to very short romantic or military phrases lol
    (Go figure)
    I'm still waiting to hear about
    the workshop at OZSW... ?
    I didn't realize, initially, that you were an opening speaker.
    !!! :)
    I/we (your readers) would Love
    to hear how you thought it went
    ... and what was your
    'take away'.

    I can't be alone
    in this respect.
    -Actually, I think a lot of
    Your readers would like to hear some (at least short)
    details about your day.
    - Or when you go away...
    to conferences, speaking engagements, etc.
    Your travels, acomidations etc.
    ie. something funny happened
    to me...

    I'm not sure if you realize
    or not, but you expose some part of your personality
    in your text , your lectures,
    your videos.
    People actually Like YOU. (whether they agree with you or
    Your knowledge and expertise are first and foremost, however..
    An underused part of your personality is your humanness.
    for example; 'I had a crappy start to my day. I walked outside and stepped in dog shit, I slipped , and spent 20 min cleaning my shoe. I hope your day is off to a better start .
    Now, let's get down to Science'
    - Good or bad, people ( even in the Scientific community)
    identify with events in other
    people's lives.
    ' I woke up this morning and looked outside. It was (raining/sunny) and made me think of ...
    My dear, you have poetry
    in your heart.
    - and if you keep it short,
    it won't detract from
    the theme of any
    blog post.
    I can only see it endear
    Your readers to you more
    - and make you more popular.

    Think of it as ' A day in the life of - a theoretical physicist:
    You know, with anyone, even
    our Einstein...
    When you get past the persona,
    the hype,.
    the ' mind- blowing' concepts
    (for the time). The technical
    It's ultimately comforting
    to,at least, imagine
    the person as 'human'.

    So, give it a try.

    Oh, yeah.
    a while ago there was some question as to whether you exist
    . or were some sort of AI. ?

    Really,. ?
    - I had no doubt .

    * a basic 'AI'
    would have figured out
    a method to boost
    the popularity of your blog
    - a lot sooner. lol.

    Gotta run,

    Please feel free to
    'not publish' this.

    I (really) just wanted to
    say 'Hi' and have
    no better avenue
    at the moment.

    All the best,

    Love Your Work.

  8. How come the French edition did not translate the title?? I mean, they translate EVERYTHING in France. It's odd that it is the only country that could not figure out the equivalent of "Lost in maths".

  9. May you offer the Spanish translation ? Because I've a good reason to get one.

    1. Eloi,

      I didn't get author copies of the Spanish translation, so I actually do not have the book. Sorry about that.


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